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In terms of your website presence, we feel companies don't have the luxury of just getting a website up and running to say you have a website anymore. In today's times, we feel that it's crucial that you stand out from the rest to attract and convert. There is so much noise and so much competition online that to just have the same old template looking website that every other business has is not going to help. To have a website that goes through a thoughtful new custom website approach where you can come in and sit down, meet with the creative director, review your target audience and really connect on the ideal audience you are trying to convert into website leads is key to success.

What we've done here at GoingClear is created three website business packages which you can learn more about below. They have all the core elements a website needs along with benefiting from custom web design. There are no templates being used at GoingClear but just custom thougtful and engaging designs to help convert your website visitors better into the desired actions that move your business or brand forward. And if you are looking for even more out of your website, then check out our performance websites.

All GoingClear's Website Packages Include:

Package Options:

Find out more about our affordable fixed-price website packages that will provide you the tools and looks to help promote your business in an engaging and effective way all while providing professional, innovative, modern and fresh web design.


Perfect for giving you that custom high-end look and feel for your new website, which works great for businesses that don’t require extra pages.

In addition to the included items, the Starter Package offers:

  • 5 Website Pages

    Custom web page design / no templates.

  • Starter Effects

    A baseline of animations and effects to engage the user.


A bump up from our Starter package, this package includes an additional web page and also comes with a Blog / News system for your new website!

In addition to the included items, the Essential Package offers:

  • 6 Website Pages

    Custom web page design / no templates.

  • Essential Effects

    In addition to starter effects, we also include sticky headers, mouse-over effects, and light parallax effects.

  • Essential Blog

    A standard blog featuring articles, categories, and search.


When you want to get the best business website design and development package we offer, our Plus package is a perfect solution with the most pages!

In addition to the included items, the Plus Package offers:

  • 7 Website Pages

    Custom web page design / no templates.

  • Professional Effects

    In addition to essential effects, we also include micro-animations that enhance the UX even more.

  • Professional Blog

    An advanced blog featuring custom filters, search, sort and more.

  • Advanced Interaction

    We amplify site builds with custom interaction of different website elements.

Need additional pages, functionality, features or customization of your new website?

No problem! Learn more about our High-Performance Websites or Web App Development services, or ask our GoingClear Interactive Rep about customizing your new website project to your exact needs!

Website Build Process

  • 1

    Listen & Learn

    First step is to truly understand your needs from the ground up.

  • 2

    Confirm & Document

    Building your website roadmap.

  • 3

    Web Designs

    Working with you to make sure you love your new design.

  • 4

    Code & Develop

    Developing your website functionality in a responsive and flexible way.

  • 5

    QA & Testing

    A project is not complete until it passes the QA & testing phase.

  • 6

    Launch & Grow

    All has been approved and then we can support or optimize together!

Packages Vs. Performance

Which Website Approach is Right for You?

  • Website Packages

  • 5-7 Pages

    Website packages include 5 Pages (Starter), 6 Pages (Essential), or 7 Pages (Plus).

  • Basic Features

    Some of our packages include a standard blog with search and categories.

  • Simple Effects

    We include a sticky header effect, hover button effects, along with other standard effects.

  • A Set Schedule for Meetings

    We provide a live in person or virtual kickoff here at our office as well as one live review per page design.

  • 2 Revisions Per Page

    Each custom page design has one initial draft and then up to 2 revisions included per page too.

  • Performance Websites

  • More Pages…

    High Performance websites start with 10 pages and grow from there.

  • More Features…

    Plenty of options from a directory, to advanced blog, event calendar and more.

  • More Effects…

    More time per page to add front-end effects that enhances your user experience.

  • More Workshops…

    A more flexible schedule allows more meetings and workshops to enhance your projects.

  • 4 Revisions Per Page

    4 revision rounds per page come with any High Performance project.

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