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B2B Video Production

Your in-house video team with a media studio ready to produce.

Introduction to B2B Video Production

Static content can work well, but why settle for that when you can amplify your digital presence with video. Video production doesn’t have to be expensive and complex. Any brand that wants or need to leverage digital to win should be integrating video into any key website pages that can benefit from conversions. As we work with our customers on their websites, digital marketing campaigns and branding projects, a great addition is adding video to their branded assets. From customer testimonials to company or culture videos, b2b video can work wonders to aid in your digital buyer’s journeys.

Typical B2B Video Projects

GoingClear typically works on the following types of video projects for their clients.

Company overview videos

One of the most common videos produced is a company overview video. Whether it's for investors, your target audience, general community or vendors, a company highlights or overview video can work great.

Culture videos

Looking to attract talent? Culture videos are a great way to communicate how your company values their employees and maybe even include insight from your staff.

Product demos

What not better a way to communicate how your products work and operate with a product demo videos which could be one overview or detailed product demo videos per product.

Service overview videos

Deliver service to your clients? Video can be great to communicate your process and how you deliver excellence to your customers. Integrate animated effects for more wow!

Animated explainer videos

Animation can work wonder when communicating key elements of your business or brand that might be challenging with live production.

Customer Testimonials

Transparency is key. First step is deliver excellence to your customers then maybe they might just get on video for you!

Video Production Examples

Below are GoingClear projects where either all or part of the project deliverables included video strategy, production, post-production editing and or animation video work.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text.


“Enough said?

No but seriously, we all know the power of video and that we SHOULD be including it in our marketing and sales efforts. It's not as hard as you think and with our in-house media studio, we offer quick turnaround times.”

Paul J. Scott
Chief Digital Strategist

Our B2B Video Production Process

Whether it's a quick video editing project or complete video project, we follow the same process to deliver polished videos for your company or brand.


Listen & Learn

First step is to truly understand your video needs from the ground up.



Planning to make sure the storyboard, locations, actors, VO work, animation and all project related items are in order and documented to best tell your story.


Live Production

It might seem like this is the heaviest phase, but post-production can be time consuming. In live production, we are directing and capture what we need to tell your story.



Back in the studio where post begins and the editing of your video is happening to present your first draft, then working through revisions and polishing to get it just right.


Promotion & Analytics

Now that you have your HD files, it's time to promote. Whether we are running marketing & promotional campaigns or just integrating it into your website for you, we setup the proper tracking so you can understand and react.



If your videos are working for you, you'll know. And when you see them helping convert users to the next steps in your funnels & journeys, then optimization can be key to create additional alt versions and or more to strengthen your funnels and awareness.

B2B Video FAQs

We are asked these questions quite a bit so we created a FAQs section for you as you consider working with GoingClear on your next video project.

Do you travel for video projects?

Yes but before any travelling is booked, we are well into the project with an approved storyboard so that we are using our time together for live shooting & production as effectively as possible but with room for pivoting.

Do you have your own in-house media studio?

Yep, and we are located right in Lynnfield, Massachusetts with free parking and plenty of food and restaurants around for when there might be long shooting days.

Do you offer voice over and or animation work too?

We do! Integrating custom animation into a live production project or going fully custom animated are fun projects to work on. VO – voice over work is something else we handle quite a bit.

What's your process?

First steps are letting us know you are interested in having a video project delivered for your company. To do that, connect with us to tell us. After that, we’ll review what you are trying to communicate via video and figure out a game plan to bring that project to life together.

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