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Your in-house specialized Boston B2B SEO agency that is ready to position you organically in front of your target buyers.

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Looking for a B2B SEO firm that will deliver on the authority building and position ranking of your most important keywords and key phrases that help contribute to generating new leads for your company or brand? With 21+ years of experience in digital and our laser focus on helping B2B companies while also understanding it’s a H2H (Human to Human) process that your customers find you, GoingClear can serve as your partner for B2B SEO marketing.

Some companies might not even understand they need Search Engine Optimization or just need to be positioned competitively so that their competitors aren’t stealing all their prospective customers. Either challenge that you might face, let’s chat about a B2B SEO strategy that will rank your company & brand in search engines organically so that your future clients will find you and you can see that direct connection to new deals in your pipeline from SEO.

SEO Agency for B2B | client samples

Just some of the brands and companies that have trusted GoingClear with their SEO needs.

90% of B2B researchers who are online use search specifically to research business purchases.


“With that being true, it’s beyond critical that part of your B2B digital marketing strategy must include B2B SEO. In the simplest form, why let your competitors who offer what you offer rank before you in search engines and take your prospective leads? And when you are developing a new website for your company, you should focus on being SEO friendly at a minimum even if you don't engage in monthly ongoing B2B SEO marketing.”

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B2B SEO introduction

Introduction to B2B SEO Marketing

Think about this: Google Search processes 40,000 search queries per second. When was the last time you Googled something? Did you scroll over to page 2 of your searches? If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t. If you want your website to get noticed, you need to rank on page 1. Especially in the B2B space where 90% of B2B researchers use search specifically to research business purchases according to Think with Google. One of the best ways to get ranked on page 1 is to leverage B2B SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing which is what GoingClear excels at.

Lean on our years of white hat SEO experience since 2001 with getting ranked on page 1 for important key terms and phrases for businesses. From technical on-site SEO to strategic off-site back-linking strategies & authority building, along with a clear sync of search intent, we ’ll help power your B2B SEO strategy forward. Our goal is to deliver measurable results through any of our B2B SEO Marketing packages. We help you get ranked on page 1 so that when your prospective buyers are searching for what you offer, you ’ll be able to grab the attention and convert that impression into a lead!

A Few B2B SEO Plan Highlights

Although there is a lot that goes into delivering B2B SEO success, here are just a few highlights of what comes with any ongoing monthly SEO plan that GoingClear delivers.

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B2B SEO Strategy

Might sound obvious, but we don't just jump into optimization. A clear SEO plan comes from thorough research, then is presented for stakeholder buy-in and delivered on.

b2b seo agency
Keyword & Topic Research

It's not 1998, Keyword research and topic research is critical to a successful SEO plan. You can't just stuff KWs without thinking of multiple factors that if not done holistically can hurt your SEO game plan.

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Empathy SEO

Similar to Keyword strategy and research, don't be selfish with your content and plan. It's gotta be about your users. They are busy and you have competition so make it worth their time when they are spending time on your website & brand.

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Core Web Vitals

Did somebody say website speed? Google wants to recommend websites that are fast. SEO isn't just about keywords and links. Your site needs to perform well and with speed. Ongoing testing and site and page optimization are part of the plan.

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Technical SEO

Similar to core web vitals but different in nature, technical SEO is your website baseline that you should be working on and keeping clean for your website scorecard and ongoing rank.

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Backlink Strategy

Authority building and backlink strategies go hand in hand. In the end, we need to position you as the authority in your field, industry or service offering so that will outrank your organic competition.

Our B2B SEO Process

GoingClear approaches B2B SEO with a Clarity. Build. Grow.® philosophy. First, we are getting clear on your brand, target buyers and their pain. Second, we are building your impactful SEO strategy based on thorough research. And finally, we are growing your organic presence through ongoing B2B SEO growth cycles.

B2B SEO Client Examples

As an SEO agency for B2B projects, below are a few averages of key metrics that we've produced as well as few example projects where SEO was part of the deliverables.

SEO Website Audit Scanning Tool

Not all websites are created equal. They might look nice, but are they optimized for SEO? Are you positioned better than your competitors for the keywords and phrases that are most important for your prospects while they are researching online looking for what services you offer?

Typically, before working with GoingClear our clients are showing high number position rankings where nobody can find them, then as a result of working together, we help position them in low number position rankings where we know their target buyers are seeing and converting into website clicks.

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Our B2B SEO Marketing Monthly Plans

GoingClear's structured and clear B2B SEO marketing monthly plans are built to deliver results while also having flexiblity built in each month to always allow for reaction and pivoting based on prior month's success or optimization items. Though there are a lot of working elements and deliverables per plan that we deliver, we can assure you there isn't any fluff involved and below is meant to give you a sense of monthly pricing for our B2B SEO marketing plans.

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Ultimate Guide to B2B SEO

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