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About ReadSpeaker AI


ReadSpeaker AI dedicates itself to helping business and innovation leaders capitalize on the benefits of digital voice by incorporating the latest text-to-speech technology in their branding, marketing, and voice strategies. They use next-generation deep neural network (DNN) technology to structurally improve synthetic voice quality, leading to more natural and engaging conversational experiences. With ReadSpeaker, they will be able to create the right digital voice for your brand and customers.

How GoingClear Helped

ReadSpeaker AI partnered with GoingClear because they needed a marketing-friendly high-performance website that supported their clear marketing objectives. Most importantly, they needed a website that supported the delivery of upper awareness, mid decision, and bottom decision stage funnel content wherever their target users were in their digital buyer’s journey.

GoingClear created a digital presence that helps users identify their brand’s voice with a custom voice application feature that we designed the UI for and developed via custom coding into their website. The application allows users to experience different ReadSpeaker AI TTS voices, from different genders to different countries, before they commit to a digital voice for their brand. This was their live interactive voice demo that we built.

In addition, this is a HubSpot-friendly website with embedded forms, tracking pixel, progressive profiling, and more. The end result is that we helped ReadSpeaker AI’s marketing objectives by delivering a website that converts more qualified leads so their sales team is happier with the lead quality too and the team at ReadSpeaker was a pleasure to work with as well since they knew they had to leverage digital to win!