Posh Technologies

B2B Web Redesign, Logo, Marketing & Creative

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About Posh Technologies

Posh delivers 24/7 customer service with bank-savvy AI.  Posh powers smarter experiences across your site, app, banking portal, and phone. Actionable insights help create even stronger conversations over time. The Posh team is a team of natural language processing (NLP) scientists and is always pushing the field forward—all for the benefit of banking customers.

How GoingClear Helped

GoingClear partnered with Posh Technologies to first working on their rebrand to communicate their evolved, modern and credible brand. With the initial visual identity finalized and running parallel, we worked together to redesign their B2B marketing website, sitemap/information architecture and then fully coded within a Webflow CMS.  Once their website was up, running and conversion-friendly, we then worked together on sales enablement branded design collateral, a targeted SEO marketing campaign as well as B2B PPC and ongoing digital optimization of their website presence and brand. We might add that their whole team is smart, friendly and a pleasure to work with.