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Custom Web Development

Boston Web Development Agency

Your in-house and local Boston Website Development firm ready to power your digital growth through custom web programming.

Intro to our Custom Web Development Services

Looking to build a custom web application or need custom website features added to your existing website for your users? One of our core strengths as a Boston web development company is desiging and developing custom web apps and or custom site programming. We even wrote a book on it (more on that down the page)!

Our typical clients either have a startup web application/web app idea and want us to bring it to life or sometimes a typical project is to develop or integrate a custom web portal to an existing website or create ROI calculators or any sort of custom website feature or effect or API integration that doesn't come default to typical informative marketing type websites. Many of our B2B clients that we design and develop marketing websites for appreciate that we can up their digital game with more custom website enhancements via our deep custom web dev experience.

Who we've helped with custom web development projects

Even though there are many more, we are highlighting just a few of the companies and brand we've worked with on custom website programming projects that were either full custom web applications, custom website feature add ons, client portals and or more.

Web Development Highlights

When you work with GoingClear on web dev, some of the highlights or things we focus on when working on custom website programming builds.

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Thoughtful Approach

If we are going to develop something custom no matter how small or large, we have to think of your user and target pain they have and solve for that as effectively as possible.

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Clean Code

Although we sometimes advise not to over-build on your beta, we still strive to keep clean code to help you scale and make sense of things when snooping around with comments.

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Leverage Frameworks

Depending on needs, why reinvent the wheel? We can leverage WordPress at the core and heavily customize or go fully custom with your build.

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UI Design

We've seen too many web applications that are straight utility without helpful and less friction based user interfaces. We enjoy amplifying UIs through UX when possible.

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API Integration

Let's integrate! Whether it's large public APIs or private access APIs your company has access to, let us understand and integrate your data in an optimal way. Multiple API's that need to be centralized then massaged into a unified delivery of your position on the data - we got you and ready to help but being mindful of API limits & costs as well.

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Why didn't we go into space in the 1930's or why didn't Facebook have the functionality it has now back in 2008? Because we needed to optimize our flight capabilities and get feedback from users before we could. We love launching your new web app or development feature, but enjoy optimizing your digital experience even more through post launch too!

Typical Website Features & Effects

When it's not a full custom web app design and build project, typical website features and effects that we deliver to our clients can range from any of the below or be fully custom that we haven't been asked of yet if you have something very custom in mind!

Advanced Search

Whether you have a complex ...

API Integration

Third party API integrations...

Dynamic Content

This may sound like a common...


One of our key specialties here...

Client Portals

If you’re a service-oriented business...

Interactive Map

The interactive geographic map...

Interactive Timeline

Leveraging an interactive timeline...


eCommerce as a website feature...

Event Calendar

A common website feature that...

Website Calculators

Show ROI, report interactive data...

Floor Maps

For those businesses that might want...

Login & Registration

Any website that will have users...

Online Training LMS

An online training website feature...

Product Catalog

Need a way to display information...

Website Effects

From animated charts to advanced parallax...

Web Development Process

Whether it is a full web application build, API integration or one custom feature, we follow a clear process to bring your website coding project to life.


Listen & Learn

First step is to truly understand your web development needs from the ground up and how your users will be interacting.


Specs & Roadmap

Building website functional specifications and your roadmap.

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When possible, work though UX/UI to launch with the best assumption validated.



Developing your web app via waterfall or agile depending on approach.

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QA & Testing

A project is not complete until it passes the QA & Testing phase.

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Launch! (And Optimize)

After launch, we can work together to continually optimize as long as it is impactful to your users.

Coding Languages, APIs & Web Stack

Website programming coding languages we leverage and or environments we work within to deliver custom website development features, web applications and functionality to our clients.

A “Getting Started” Guide

Building a Successful Web App
Do more with your business website

Have you ever wished your website could do more than show visitors information about your company and its products or services? Want your users to interact with your website via custom features or experiences that help power your digital experiences? This quick guide won't show you how to code, but arm you with what you need to know to understand the nature of web apps and custom web development.

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