UX Research

Why waste an opportunity to advance your users effectively through your website or web app? With proper UX/UI, (User Experience / User Interface) you can increase the chances of having your ideal users complete desired actions while using any of your digital channels. It's not enough to just have a website or a web app anymore but more important to design and develop effective conversion strategies for your target users.

User Research

Learn About Your Customer

The first critical step in implementing sound UX/UI principles is conducting user research. We find out how users will use your website and which tools will work best. User research is especially important to erase any pre-existing assumptions you might have. Our powerful user research will not only guide your UX/UI strategy, but also it will help you determine future content needs as well.

While user research should ideally be conducted before a website is developed, it’s never too late to conduct your own so you can figure out what parts of your website are working—or not. User research for UX/UI can be conducted through interviews, surveys and more extensive usability tests. In evaluating your website goals, GoingClear can help conduct user research and roll out website upgrades accordingly. We can also help you access the most relevant information about your website functionality.

Information Architecture

Intelligent Website Infrastructure with Sitemaps

Most of us are familiar with the “You Are Here” sign in a mall directory. It helps orient you so you can figure out where you need to go via the shortest route possible. Information architecture does just that for your website. GoingClear develops sitemaps that detail what information is tucked in where.

We help conduct an information architecture audit to make sure your website has a clear navigation route and optimal calls to action placed at just the right points. Remember, an effective website is structured so that users can be guided through the sales funnel as they go from simply curious buyers to more committed ones. Small and large websites can benefit from these essential information architecture strategies to make sure your landing pages and website are doing the heavy lifting as efficiently as possible.

Persona Development

Determining Your Users Character

Imagine if you love football but hate golf. Would you be interested in a set of golf clubs? Likely not. The same applies to the principles of UX/UI. To make your website work effectively, you need to figure out who your user is in the first place so you can move them through your sales funnel and appreciate your creative marketing content. You need to develop a story about this person, what is called a user persona. Thorough user personas will likely include a list of likes and dislikes, demographic information and habits. More general user personas, such as “Stay-at-Home Dads” can still be useful in figuring out pain points and to create a website that is seamlessly matched.

We can help you with persona development that yields critical information about the end user so UX/UI can be more effectively incorporated into your website. Persona development information can be about how and why your users access your website, what they are looking for, and what pain points you should be looking to solve. A “working mom” persona, for example, might not have much time on her hands so speed and content that speaks to this pain point will likely be very successful. We can help with persona development by facilitating interviews and surveys with users or by using existing data. Successful persona development can sharpen your brand image and is a critical tool in ensuring and ultimately measuring success.

ADA / Section 508 / WCAG 2.0 Standards

Designing digital experiences for all

Maybe decades ago, businesses did not have a handicap ramp at their physical address, but today that could lead to trouble for a business. With digital being sometimes the first or of many touches in the customer experience, your website or web application should follow ADA compliancy so that just as there is a handicap ramp at physical businesses, there should be the same accommodations in terms of accessibility for all through your website and digital channels too.

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