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About Voxies


Voxies is an NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. Voxies are a lovable combination of cute voxels characters, adorable personalities and collectible NFT technology. There are exactly 10,000 Voxies in existence, this number cannot change and is built into the smart contract that is locked on the Ethereum blockchain.

GoingClear worked with the Voxies team to first redesign their set of branded logos both for their marketing website and then for their internal Voxie tactics game play logo version. Once their logo visual identity was approved, we then worked to design and develop a new Web3 website which had key features such as – dynamic gallery of NFTs on the ethereum blockchain, minting and an integrated metamask wallet based page with filters. There was video animation production work as well which we integrated into their website as well as a tight experience on mobile too.