Organic Restaurants

Search Directory Website with eCommerce & Dashboard

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About Organic Restaurants

Industry is dedicated to connecting people who eat organic food with places that offer organic food options wherever they are in the world – while providing users the opportunity to rate and review listings in transparent detail so organic-minded people can find healthier choices.

How GoingClear Helped

GoingClear helped Organic Restaurants, Inc. with their branding to start, then worked through the front-end marketing and search directory website. Both from a UX/UI standpoint for the more marketing-related and search pages then into the restaurant manager dashboard along with eCommerce checkout screens and upgrade screens. A note to remove any extra friction along the digital user journey was key to making this project a success. Sometimes the simpler the outcome, the more thought and work go into pulling off “simple”. The new website is launching shortly with this fresh new look and GoingClear is happy to have partnered to bring their new website & web app to life! Besides web & digital, GoingClear continues to help with G3 Agile Marketing, video production, marketing & sales collateral along with focused local and nationwide SEO.