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About Responder Portal


Responder Portal is public safety’s home for innovation. Cutting-edge, life-saving, solutions that are available for pilots and procurement serve as the core offerings within the portal. The primary users and audience are First Responders, Entrepreneurs and Product Development, Investors along with industry users such as AWS and Verizon 5G. With first responders such as the Boston police department that may need digital & tech to run their operations better, to entrepreneurs & product development companies that are building those products to investors & venture capital that support the growth of those products over to industry users such as AWS that help power the growth of the underlying tech that is built, the Responder Portal is a robust web application that was built to serve. In addition to the web app portal designed & developed, there is also an interactive marketplace that integrates with AWS’s marketplace for B2B & B2G products.

The Responder Portal team was in need of a Boston based & highly specialized web application development with UX/UI experience that understood their needs, future optimization plans and a clear team that could support their growth plans. GoingClear was excited to work on this project especially given the sincere need to help protect our first responders out there on the front lines who are serving daily during these times. Though we are a digital agency, we felt we were helping mankind by designing and developing this web application for Responder Portal with an end result of allowing first responders to do their job better allowing them clearer access to better tech, innovation and products. There is so much to this web application portal from a custom pipeline management interface we built to unique login and dynamic workflows and integration with AWS’s marketplace through optimization to an interactive marketplace. We are sharing this in our portfolio to help communicate our web application capabilities to our clients and prospective clients that are interested in having a web application developed for their brand or business but to that same point, there are plenty of additional features and functionality we do not mention here that are more custom and behind closed doors that we’d be happy to share from a high-level only during a conversation.