Web Application for Local Shopping with Geo Integration

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About Agora


Agora, a Y Combinator startup and web app, was created to help local businesses thrive and connect local inventory directly to the consumer. There has been a gap between large and small businesses and how they control their target market through e-commerce. Businesses on the Agora platform now have the power to reach a larger market locally. Agora consumers users are able to find local products through the web app while businesses are able to post their products publicly which also displays on their store listing page. Agora’s main purpose is to help connect the consumer to the exact product that they need and when they need it while helping local businesses around the country too add an additional revenue channel to their mix.

After we became in sync with Agora’s brand purpose, we then moved into the visual identity and designed their new logo. Once the logo was confirmed, we then focused on bringing Agora’s digital vision to life by helping people find products locally and with ease through the power of a web app. Through a consumer sign-in and registration feature, this web app makes it possible for Agora members to shop and list their products all within a custom-designed dashboard. Interactive map listings and Google Maps API platform were leveraged to help guide Agora members to businesses and products faster. Users are able to filter by price or distance, making their user-experience unchallenging. We also developed custom scripts to get all of Agora’s data into the web app for a faster launch. In addition and maybe obvious, we developed this site to be PWA friendly (Progressive Web App) so that it runs and loads great on all devices from desktop and tablet to mobile and large screen TVs if needed.

In addition to a user-friendly web app, GoingClear shot and produced a powerful promotional video of the Agora founder to show how the company helps businesses and consumers together while going on-location to highlight a local business too. Once the UI design/web design, web development, and UX were completed and entirely bug-free, we finished with a custom brand synced PowerPoint pitch deck to help Agora on their next raise. GoingClear strives to help tech-based and startup businesses grow their market digitally. And with Agora, we helped make that possible.

I freaking love these guys! They worked their a** off for our tech startup Agora.


Founder & CEO of Agora