Safe Harbor Health

Healthcare Marketing Website & Web Application Broker Portal

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Safe Harbor Health developed the total wellness program (TWP) which focuses on improving healthcare with technology. Safe Harbor provides over 200 digital healthcare services independent of your existing health plan throughout the United States.

How GoingClear Helped

GoingClear worked closely with Safe Harbor Health to first modernize their logo with a light brand refresh. As buy-in for the refreshed brand look was approved and loved :), we then worked through a full marketing website design and development project together to highlight the backend healthcare broker portal web application. Once the marketing website was approved in the design phase, we then dove into the web application custom build. The end goal was a back-end web app portal for healthcare brokers along with their sales teams of sub-users that have full access to health insurance quotes with 50 states of tax codes along with federal tax consideration and calculations. In addition to their logo modernization, brand refresh, marketing website and UI/UX and custom web development to build their web app, we continue to evolve key functionality with speed through focused user-feedback and key elements to release into production.