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Grow Via G3™ Agile

G3™ Agile Marketing

Looking for a clear way to grow leveraging GoingClear's in-house team of marketing strategists, tactical marketers, web designers, developers, video, content, creatives with flexiblity to focus on only the most important 2 to 3 marketing campaigns per 90 day cycle?

Intro to GoingClear's
G3™ Agile Marketing

GoingClear's G3™ Agile marketing retainer (also commonly referenced as a digital marketing retainer or flexible marketing) is one of our most popular monthly plans that allows for flexible client marketing requests but also providing a clear structure for marketing success.

It can lead and start with strategy to kick things off and be even more flexible. It can involve digital marketing, inbound, paid search, branding, video, website optimization & support, marketing collateral design, social media, LinkedIn, content development, eBooks, automation, SEO, new landing pages, custom graphic design, microsites, marketing strategies and clear analytics, tracking & optimization. Companies that leverage GoingClear's G3™ Agile Marketing retainer appreciate that while we can stay busy with incoming requests, we still have our north star that guides and aligns our teams with the KPIs that mean the most to their growth.

GoingClear's G3 Growth Model

GoingClear's G3™ Agile Approach

Get Eyes. Give Knowledge. Grow Pipeline.®

We believe that marketing powers sales and marketing efforts should never sleep but be tied to defined outcomes to protect resources. We also believe that with the right marketing strategy leveraging a proven framework, marketing can win better and power growth. There are too many things marketers could say “yes” to, but it’s more about saying “no” and choosing only the tactical items that will keep your G3™ engine powered up and aligned with your agile marketing strategy.

GoingClear’s G3™ approach is all about Getting the right eyes from the right channels to your website so you can give those eyes knowledge to empower them on their buyer’s journey which ultimately will grow your pipeline with better qualified leads.

Get Eyes.

Within each part of our G3™ model we are powering your growth with different marketing efforts. Getting the right eyes, we are spending focused efforts on getting the right eyes to your website and social channels.  We use marketing tactics such as B2B SEO to be in front of your target buyers for when they are searching for the exact service you offer within the lens of how they think, identify and talk about your services.  In addition, we can leverage paid positioning B2B PPC SEM using Google Pay Per Click ads to make sure you are in front of your prospective buyers as well for the most important key terms & phrases that your buyers use to find you. Outside of direct response organic and paid traffic from Google and other major search channels, we also leverage LinkedIn social for organic and paid campaigns to engage with your target audience to get eyes back to your social channel and websites. And then speciality channels is another channel we leverage since we want to be where your buyers spend time as well as email marketing to stay top of mind and helpful to your buyers.

Give Knowledge.

In giving knowledge, we are squeezing every little drop of your B2B website’s power to convert prospects into leads from targeted landing pages, website optimization CRO(conversion rate optimization) to convert the most, to on-page authority building through SEO pillar pages, CTAs (call to action) and resource hub development. Also, we focus on amplifying static pages with custom graphics & thougtful design, illustration and thoughtful video all through ongoing digital optimization and tied to an agile marketing strategy that has been set in place. And if you are reading this before you started your B2B website redesign, then maybe it’s good timing to make sure your marketing website is B2B optimized, conversion-friendly and automation is running before you start building your G3™ engine and running agile marketing for your company.

Grow Pipeline.

Finally when it comes to growing pipeline, this is a result of leveraging website, marketing & sales collateral, automation along with enabling your sales team with what they need to close more deals. Increasing even a small percent of more won deals as a result of powering this phase can be a huge win.

And marketing shouldn’t stop there, you should always be powering your G3™ engine so you have a constant flow of qualified leads being generated for sales which an official B2B agile marketing strategy focused on digital and your website can really help with. In addition, we understand that your PLG (product led growth) strategy and customer experience after the deal is won should be stellar in every way, but for our marketing services & specialization, we stay focused in our B2B marketing lane of more upper into mid-funnel. The lane that is getting your company the right eyes to your website and digital channels, then giving and serving them the right knowledge to help power their buyer’s journey while all leading up to helping grow your pipeline so that marketing is working and contributing to sales.

What types of companies benefit from GoingClear's G3™ Agile Marketing Retainers?

Although there are several types, below are a few of the most common that can benefit the most from our G3™ agile marketing monthly retainer as a solution for growth via marketing.

  • Business to Business digital marketing is key for B2B companies who want their pipeline to be filled with better qualified leads. With these better qualified inbound leads contributing to your pipeline, you and your sales teams can have better conversion & close rates. G3™ acts almost as an additional member of your team or outsourced supporting tactical marketing department to attract and nurture your leads along into your pipeline.
  • Executives, sales leaders, in-house smaller marketing teams and growing entreprenuers lean on GoingClear for G3™ retainer services. To further, B2B tech companies especially can be a very natural fit. With over 22 years of working with all types of companies, we can confidently say that any B2B company that has a longer sales cycle can benefit from G3™. It can work for B2C companies as well, but B2B lends itself to having complex or longer sales cycles which could range from 30 days to over a year, multiple stakeholders involved in the decision making process as well as research-friendly buyers who typically leverage the Internet for research.
  • Sometimes companies without marketing departments at all or with just one VP of Sales or Marketing Director end up seeing massive value due to the fact that G3™ is like hiring and creating a full team of in-house marketers with different specializations all aligned to one brand to work multiple parts of your sales and marketing efforts within in one monthly plan.  
  • Another strong fit for G3™ services is for any B2B company that might already have a great referral business and is doing fine with leads through recommendations, but is looking to grow their business by getting new leads from their website and online.

B2B Zone

GoingClear has a sweet spot for delivering the most value to their clients. That sweet spot is within the B2B space. Being in business for 22 years (since June 2001) and also being a B2B company ourself, we live it every day and understand even though it's a B2B play, it's a H2H (Human to Human) approach that must be thoughtful to your target audience and sincerely aimed to help them win.

Without that raw, clean and clear intent in combination with the sea of noise competiting for your buyer's attention, it's difficult to even begin to help. A tight marketing strategy, clear campaigns, custom thoughtful design, helpful content, calculated automation and the right placement while all aligned can serve your B2B digital growth.

90% of B2B researchers who are online use search specifically to research business purchases.


“With this being true, it should be clearer than ever that any company that wants new customers should be engaging in B2B digital marketing. At the least, just to protect your market share so that even if you are helping your existing clients and network, it won't be dried up one day with your current competitors taking your leads and strengthening their own market share.”

Digital Strategist

What types of skills or GoingClear team members are involved in running successful G3™ tactical retainers and B2B digital marketing?

B2B digital marketing is a combination of leveraging brand strategy, CRM, marketing automation & workflows, email marketing with drips, content marketing, SEO organic traffic, digital buyer's journey mapping & positioning, brand analysis, website optimization, web design, web development, strategic CTAs (Call To Action), eBooks, content offers, writing, digital public relations, social media, sometimes video, analytics, reporting and ongoing optimization.


There are many moving parts to a successful G3™ engine being developed and constantly running. Below are some of what makes up a succesful B2B G3™ strategy in terms of the skill sets and team members and what they are contributing in a fully synced monthly and quarterly cadence.

b2b seo agency
Digital Strategy

Clear and targeted marketing strategies can't run without the right B2B digital strategist to map it out. We can leverage a proven process with flexiblity for your market to power up your strategy for the better and enhance your campaign effectiveness.

b2b seo agency
Web and UI Design

Might be obvious, but we are talking about converting prospects from your website with already dangerously low clickthrough rates as it is. Templates might not be a good move, but leveraging custom thoughtful web design to convert your prospects can help you win.

b2b seo agency
Web Development

Most elements are flexible, but when being most thoughtful to your customers, sometimes a little custom interaction and development can go a long way.

b2b seo agency
Graphic Print Design

Digital is great, but when communicating via white papers and eBooks, print layout and design is going to come in handy to deliver that polished marketing asset.

b2b seo agency
SEO Optimization

You’ll need those net new eyes from search engines clicking back to your website. A SEO specialist will be able to create and optimize the right pages and structure.

b2b seo agency
Project Management

With many moving pieces to bring digital marketing strategies to life, a project manager can save the day and keep things in order as deliverables and approvals move forward.

b2b seo agency
Writing & Content

A key piece to your B2B Inbound strategy is having that thoughtful, clear and helpful content to help empower them along their digital buyer’s journey.

b2b seo agency
Video Production

With the sea of static content out there, video is a great way to stand out and communicate your message, products and or services in a clear way.

b2b seo agency

To blog or not to blog? Almost every B2B company should be blogging. Think of it as your own brand's publication or knowledge center where you help your buyers win through empowering them with the right knowledge.

b2b seo agency
Social Media

Be where the eyes of your target buyers spend time as well as helping support SEO ranking factors, a social media specialist will help plan and coordinate all social posts while staying aligned to your brand voice & personality.

b2b seo agency

Not to go unnoticed, proofreading is essential to staying credible while your readers are on your website and or consuming your marketing assets whether they are eBooks, white papers or other content.

b2b seo agency
Marketing Automation

At the heart of G3™, automation is one of the keys to a finely tuned marketing machine being run for your digital engine. Your customer-friendly workflows and sequences are being developed to support your buyers.

b2b seo agency
Digital PR (Public Relations)

Not exactly the same as traditional Public Relations, a digital PR (public relations) specialist works to build authority for your content and helps contribute towards securing spots on digital publications linking back to your website while working with publishers, editors and or the press.

b2b seo agency
Analytics, Reporting & Optimization

First, your entire buyer's journey must be mapped, then analytics must be installed successfully with conversions defined and tracked. Reporting can be looked at as the easier part, but analysis and optimization is where the fun begins to always be optimizing your digital campaigns.

G3™ Agile Marketing Process

Like any engines being built, proper initial planning and strategy is going to be key to a successful digital marketing engine for your company. Below is a high-level view into how kick off and continue to run our client G3™ agile marketing services.

B2B Digital Marketing Process

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