Healthcare Real Estate Management Branding & Website

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CREF builds for the future. They know how difficult it can be to make decisions about how to manage limited resources, optimize capital spending, align with new regulations, integrate state-of-the-art technology, and create an ideal experience without complete and accurate real-time data. They built a new reality that aligns with their core values and the expectations of their clients: one that is non-transactional and focuses on long-term partnerships. With their fully integrated data platform, iCREF, they provide their clients with up-to-the minute assessments of what is happening in their real estate portfolio, allowing their clients to manage your business.

How GoingClear Helped

GoingClear teamed up with CREF to help with a variety of marketing services from branding working for multiple mediums from video and print branded collateral to event graphics and a fresh new websites that communicates their brand position in the marketplace. GoingClear supports CREF for ongoing marketing related services as well from digital success to ongoing branding collateral and sales enablement.