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About AllerPops


AllerPops Corp was founded in 2016 to provide all-natural allergy relief to millions of Americans. They use a patented recipe to give you the best all-natural allergy relief. Their mission is to help people with hypersensitive immunity enjoy the indoor + outdoors through all seasons and vision is to be peacemaker between you and Mother Nature.

How GoingClear Helped

GoingClear partnered with AllerPops working to help establish a brand guideline and brand strategy with clear initiatives laid out over 12 months. In addition to brand direction, we designed, developed and launched their new ecommerce website and grow through website optimization.  We also developed an approx 5 minute promotional story video for their public crowdfunding campaign in addition to a pitch deck to help them during fundraising too. Another fun part of this project was that we designed their new authority-building physical book cover design which you can grab a copy on Amazon. We also worked on designing their brand collateral and packaging including their new product package for AllerPops and their new toothpaste packaging and tube.