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If you need a web application for your business, or if an app is the primary driver for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Web application design and development is one of the core specialties at GoingClear. We practically wrote the book on it! After applying critical UX/UI strategies, we ensure you have a clear site map. We develop and test your website during every crucial stage of the process. We factor in room for Q&A and testing and tweak development protocols until your web app shines. Our agile methods mean we’re always open to customizing and refining outcomes. While we help lay the foundation for a strong app, we also provide services close to launch so the final result is a standout reactive app that users will actually use in ways that improve your bottom line.

Do More With Your Business Website

Have you ever wished your website could do more than show visitors information about your company and its products or services? Want it to bring new leads, automate time-consuming tasks, or handle customer service issues automatically?

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Building a Successful Web App


Our Approach

Web App Service Highlights

Starting with Clarity is the first step, where we extract and confirm your web app and business goals. Once it's clear where we are headed, then we focus on delivering web app success.

  • Boxing For Fitness

    A community built on a strong foundation.
    Disciplined, Confidence, Patience and Empowered are just some of the words to describe this community - "BFF", Boxing For Fitness is growing to the largest and best brand in this one of a kind industry. Creating the largest community and unifying a culture that has grown around the world.

  • Kittredge Equipment

    Minority-and women-owned businesses provide ever-increasing value in New England. Kittredge started as a local typewriter and cash register business in 1921. The business has since grown into a $50 million dollar equipment and supply giant that now employs almost 100 people throughout New England, 47 of which reside in Western Massachusetts. We are proud of our reputation for excellent customer service and long relationships we have established with our customers. We were officially certified as a Woman-Owned Business in 2011.

  • Hellenic College

    All colleges promise a good education. Very few promise not only to educate but to elevate the whole person. Hellenic College of the Holy Cross is that rare institution of higher learning with a higher purpose: to foster the moral and spiritual as well as intellectual development of every student. It offers opportunities unmatched by any other college or university for this multidimensional development.

  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is an educational and trade publisher in the United States. Headquartered in Boston's Back Bay, it publishes textbooks, instructional technology materials, assessments, reference works, and fiction and non-fiction for both young readers and adults. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has a long standing history. In 1832, William Ticknor and James Thomas Fields had gathered an impressive list of writers, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau. Read more below...

  • iPrytaneum

    iPrytaneum let’s you live and share what you’re passionate about. We let you easily create challenges that YOU want to do, support causes YOU care about. Giving Back and having a blast with friends has never been easier. Receive a Challenge is where a user can receive a challenge either from a friend or from an NPO that they follow. Users get to spread awareness for causes they are passionate about and NPOs can utilize their passionate contributors to spread awareness and create challenges in the community.

  • Clearingly

    Clearingly is an online training platform, eCommerce store and resource channel for business owners, marketing professionals, executives and more whose focus is web and who want to optimize their web businesses. Our motto – Web Business, Sharpened Into Focus – points at the passion we have for leveraging our Internet knowledge and turning it into real results. If you’re tired of the same old information, and need actionable advice you can use, you have come to the right place.

  • Training On Demand

    Training On Demand is an online training service that provides individuals and companies with a better way to learn. Created by the Professional Education Resources and Conference Services (PERCS), TOD offers a wide range of multi-disciplinary courses that each come equipped with print, audio and video training materials.

  • Web App Book

    Web App book is a simple yet informative guide to creating Web Apps from a professional in the field. You will be given information about what a Web App is, how to create one from scratch and shown some examples of effective Web App design. If you are a beginner in web design and want a comprehensive guide to creating Web Apps this book is what you need.

  • The Herbal Academy


    The Herbal Academy offers a high quality, affordable herbal studies programs to empower students by collaborating with a wide diversity of herbalists to create an herbal school that presents many herbal traditions and points of view.

  • OrganicRestaurants.com (2015)

    OrganicRestaurants.com is dedicated to connecting people that eat organic food with places that offer organic food wherever they are in the world - while providing users the opportunity to rate and review listings in transparent detail so organic foodies find healthier choices.

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