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SBP01: Small-Scale IT Professional Services/ IT Small Business Incubator

Welcome to GoingClear Interactive's dedicated informational webpage for the SBP01Pilot Small-Scale IT Services Massachusetts State Contract. GoingClear Interactive is a Massachusetts Statewide Contract Holder for IT Services of this contract SBP01Pilot and prides itself in working with the State of Massachusetts delivering exceptional quality web related services to cities, towns, counties, executive, legislative & judicial branches, elected offices, independent public authorities, commissions, hospitals, libraries, schools, institutions & cooperatives, non-profits & UFR-certified organizations and other entities designated by state purchasing agents.

Specific Web Related IT Services That We Offer:

Contact Information for Massachusetts State Contract Information:

Paul J. Scott, Contract Representative


  • 81-11-00-00: Computer Services
  • 81-11-00-00-0000: Computer Services
  • 86-14-17: Educational Technology* (Website related LMS, Learning Management Systems)
  • 43-23-00: Software* (*Website Related Software / Web Apps / Web Applications)

GoingClear Interactive’s Legal And Corporate Information

  • Founded in 2001
  • Incorporated in 2009 within the State of Massachusetts
  • S Corporation
  • Privately Held
  • Legal Name: GoingClear, Inc.
  • DBA: GoingClear Interactive
  • Federal EIN: 26-4221137

Contact Information for Massachusetts State Contract Information:

GoingClear Interactive is pleased to provide SBP01Pilot customers with extremely competitive rates for its web development, web application development, app development, web design, digital marketing and strategy related services. Please click here to view our catalog of pricing and capabilities for all services provided by GoingClear Interactive and to view our labor rates.

GoingClear Interactive's Prompt Pay Discount

Payments made in 10 days = 2% discount off of quoted price
Payments made in 15 days = 1.5% discount off of quoted price
Payments made in 20 days = 1% discount off of quoted price
Payments made in 30 days = 0% discount off of quoted price