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If you’re not tracking and leveraging your customers’ and prospects’ interactions across every marketing channel including social media platforms, your company’s website and email marketing initiatives then you are missing vital data and sales opportunities.

Imagine you go to the doctor and before you have completed detailing your symptoms with the physician he or she interrupts and gives you the diagnosis and a prescription. In this case, your doctor may be completely misdiagnosing your ailment or only partly addressing it. When you implement a marketing automation platform and integrate it into your CRM, it provides a complete picture to understand how your customers are consuming and engaging with your content strategy. It also reveals critical data about your top prospects and how and when your audience is most likely to engage. GoingClear helps with every step of the marketing automation process including implementing a new platform, creating complex email marketing and lead nurture campaigns, improving your current understanding of the data, allowing your sales team to react quicker, lead scoring, monitoring performance and adjusting content strategy to align with new marketing insights.

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