Boston Engineering

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About Boston Engineering

Industrial, defense, and medical device companies trust Boston Engineering to turn their bold visions into the novel and life-changing. From a robotic fish that identifies underwater security threats, to a system that will detect COVID-19 in minutes, Boston Engineering creates products that save and preserve lives and improve the world we live in. Boston Engineering combines rigor, which ensures exceptional quality, with Agile development, which provides continuous iteration, rapid problem solving, and faster time to market.

Initially, Boston Engineering was looking for a digital agency that would support their ongoing digital and branding optimization work they needed as well as supporting their B2B marketing website.  The relationship turned into much more where we continued to serve Boston Engineering with all of their B2B digital marketing needs such as B2B SEO, B2B PPC as well as video production, branded design collateral, LinkedIn Advertising, email marketing automation and more.

They had a smaller marketing team of 2 to 3 in-house team members who were smart, great to work with and dedicated to seeing digital win – proving inbound leads were powerful additions to pipeline value with average deal sizes ranging from $50k to $300k.