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Your in-house specialized Boston B2B PPC agency that is ready to position you efficiently in front of your target buyers.

PPC SEM Agency for B2B Companies

Looking for a B2B PPC SEM firm that will deliver on Pay Per Click advertising to get you in front of your target buyers on search engines when they are looking for the services that you offer? Is your sales team hungry for more qualified leads and wants to turn on the faucet for inbound leads via ads? With 22+ years of experience in digital and our laser focus on helping B2B companies and also understanding it’s a H2H (Human to Human) approach and process that your clients can research and find you, GoingClear can serve as your partner for B2B PPC advertising.

Some companies might not even understand they need to be running ads on Google or just want to be positioned competitively so that their competitors aren’t stealing their prospective clients from search. Either challenge that you may face, let’s chat about a B2B PPC strategy that will help generate net new leads from your target buyers as well as remarketing ads so we can be sure to be in front of any of your website visitors that didn't convert yet.

B2B PPC Agency client examples

Just some of the brands and companies that have trusted GoingClear with their PPC needs.

90% of B2B researchers who are online use search specifically to research business purchases.


“With that being true, it’s beyond critical that part of your B2B digital marketing strategy must include B2B PPC advertising. In the simplest form, why let your competitors who offer what you offer be seen via paid ads in search engines and take your prospective leads? It’s not cheesy flashy ads, they are more utility and being present for when your future client is looking for services that your company offers.”

PPC Strategist

A Few B2B PPC Plan Highlights

Although there is a lot that goes into delivering B2B PPC success, here are just a few highlights of what comes with any ongoing monthly PPC management & optimization plan that GoingClear delivers.

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B2B PPC Strategy

Might sound obvious, but we don't just jump into PPC campaign management and optimization. A clear PPC plan comes from thorough research, then is presented for stakeholder buy-in and delivered while being closely monitored monthly.

b2b seo agency
Keyword & Topic Research

It's not 1998, Keyword research and topic research is critical to a successful PPC plan. You can't just use KWs without running research and thinking of multiple factors that if not done holistically can hurt your overall PPC game plan.

b2b seo agency
Empathy PPC

Similar to Keyword strategy and research, don't be selfish with your landing pages and search terms. It's gotta be about your users. Strategize from their mindset and make it worth their time when clicking your ads.

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CPC Monitoring

By keeping a close eye on CPCs, we can gauge certain trends that are constantly changing on the search engine results page and make sure you are staying lean with your clicks.

b2b seo agency
Extensions Optimization

Extensions are a huge part of any PPC ad. Without these you wouldn’t get as many clicks as you could be getting. We make sure extensions are running at all times. Some extensions include click to call phone numbers, structured snippets, call outs, and site links.

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PPC Audits

Audits are key when taking over existing accounts to fully understand how your existing game plan might of been failing or just looking for new management with fresh eyes to continue to optimize.

Our B2B PPC Process

GoingClear approaches B2B PPC with a Clarity. Build. Grow.® philosophy. First, we are getting clear on your brand, target buyers and their pain. Second, we are building your impactful PPC strategy based on thorough research. And finally, we are growing your paid ads presence through ongoing B2B PPC growth cycles.

B2B PPC Agency Strategy

B2B PPC Case Study

For B2B professional services company, Boston Engineering, GoingClear worked on their digital marketing and B2B PPC needs. In the context of PPC, this PPC marketing case study highlights how weʼve worked with them to deliver campaign optimization. Their campaign had an average monthly ad spend of approx $10k.


Creative: Display & Remarketing Samples

b2b ppc case study remarketing

Our B2B PPC Advertising Monthly Plans

GoingClear's structured and clear B2B PPC advertising monthly plans are built to deliver results while also having flexiblity built in each month to always allow for reaction and pivoting based on prior month's success or optimization items. Though there are a lot of working elements and deliverables per plan that we deliver, we can assure you there isn't any fluff involved and below is meant to give you a sense of monthly pricing for our B2B PPC advertising plans.

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