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About GoingClear & Our Social Media Marketing Company

As a Boston social media marketing agency, we take pride in the online presence and success we’ve brought to our clients.  Word-of-mouth can be one of the best sales techniques out there because it is authentic and usually comes from a trusted voice. These days customers spend their time on social media so you need to be doing everything you can to make your social presence and channels are optimized, engaging and in sync with your collective brand and website. 

Boston Social Media Marketing Company

The more activity and engagement on your social channels, the better the chance to attract and convert people into your marketing and sales funnel. With GoingClear Interactive, we help brands and companies with optimizing their social channels and creating ongoing monthly engagement to support your marketing and sales efforts.

Not only do we optimize and support each social media channel, but we are constantly in each social platform performing daily health checks, making sure our strategy is the best approach, and keeping our clients updated on a timely basis. GoingClear Interactive, as a Boston social media marketing agency, knows how to keep your audience engaged and happy as well as your team internally. This involves us publishing the best content on your social media accounts or profiles, listening to and engaging with all your followers and fans, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements that will bring in leads. 

What drives us, in the end, is helping businesses in the community grow. Sometimes it’s hard to see the potential you have when you are managing everything in-house. But with our Boston social media marketing agency, we make sure to utilize all the different types of social media platforms, as well as what they have to offer in their differences between them all, to deliver a successful campaign that will bring your brand business you didn’t think you could gain. 

We also have a diverse team that can help with a number of your goals or even solve problems that pop up within your strategy. We are a team of media strategists, designers, and developers. Within our Boston social media marketing agency, we can grow your business to reach a diverse crowd with a profound interest in your brand. 

We understand that some other media marketing agencies don’t put in much effort when juggling many other clients with the same goals. At GoingClear Interactive, we treat each client with the personable options they want. That’s why our catchphrase is “Clarity. Build. Grow.” When we partner with you, we start off getting clear on what your business is all about, followed by any goals or requirements we need to adhere by. Then we start to build and grow your business day by day, bringing you the results you won’t see from any other typical agency.

If you are interested in reading more about social media marketing in general, check out our detailed blog post, What is Social Media Marketing? 5 Things You Should Know.

GoingClear Interactive also wants you to know the difference between social media marketing and social media advertising. A lot of brands that are looking for a social media marketing company can get confused, so check out our blog post,  Social Media Marketing Vs. Social Media Advertising, to learn the differences.

What Social Media Services We Offer

GoingClear Interactive, as your Boston social media marketing agency, is committed to making sure you and your company achieve its goals. We extend many services within our social media department, including account creations and restructures, and custom designs and graphics for your marketing to name a few. These are just a couple of our social media offers that we use to figure out what your priorities are. GoingClear Interactive is here to make those matters of our greatest importance.    Social media marketing

Account Creations

If you are new to social media marketing or have been utilizing other marketing platforms or strategies, our Boston social media marketing agency wants you to know we can start from scratch and bring you great success. When we are able to create an account for you, or even multiple accounts through a few social channels, we get to dive deep into your goals and make sure that those goals are implemented throughout our marketing efforts. 

Account Restructures

If you have a social media presence but aren’t happy with your current results you’ve been receiving, our Boston social media marketing agency is here to help – let us take over! GoingClear Interactive knows how to switch up your current strategy and bring you the results you’ve been wanting to see.  We’ve seen some messy accounts, so no account is too big of a restructure for us. Restructures are a great way to compare your historical success or failure with the results from your newly organized account.

Depending on whether your company’s goals have changed or you want to align your account with different requirements, let us deal with what you might consider somewhat of a headache. After we figure out what direction you want to head in regarding your social media presence, we can start to restructure it for the better. 


When you partner with our Boston social media marketing agency, you get the whole package. You won’t ever have to worry about creating or providing your own images or graphics for your marketing. At GoingClear Interactive, we create custom graphics that are custom designed just for your brand. We want you to know that your ad doesn’t have to contain a stock photo or no image at all. We create everything in-house to make sure your social media marketing efforts catch the eyes of your audience on every social platform.

In our blog post, Social Media & Its Graphic Design – Everything You Need To Know About Your Brand’s Image, you can learn more about why design matters for social media marketing.

Custom Reports

Our Boston social media marketing agency wants you to see the success we bring over time, as well as track past data so we can build off it in the future for even better results. We all know the reporting time of the month can be a drag for most, but we want our clients to know we take pride in our results, as well as keeping our clients satisfied. 

Reporting is another strategy we can customize to your liking. Most other social media agencies use the same template for all their clients. At GoingClear Interactive, we are able to send out custom reports on a schedule that works well with you and your company. Not only are we just sending data over, but we’re also here to analyze that data and give feedback. We will include an analysis on all high level information within your report. From here, we can jump on a call or communicate via Basecamp next steps. We are also able to include a recommendation section that allows us to communicate any pros or cons we saw during the month. From here, we like to either keep implementing changes we saw successful, or redirect our focus on creating better tactics to see further success. 

Custom Strategies 

A strategy designed just for your company or business will always bring you more success compared to a strategy that doesn’t have much thought behind it. At GoingClear Interactive, our Boston social media marketing agency prepares a total strategy that is designed just for your brand. We want to bring you the online presence you’ve been craving, so once we align with your goals, we can start to build a custom strategy.

As we work with many different types of industries as a Boston social media marketing agency, we have a hunch for picking the best platforms to advertise on, as well. Different types of brands might perform better on one compared to the other. For example, a wedding photographer will have better success showing off her pictures on Instagram, a channel meant for sharing pictures and videos, compared to LinkedIn, which is strictly made more for B2B or similar brands.

Overall, this is just a sneak peak of what we have to offer you at our Boston social media marketing agency. With each client coming to us with different needs and goals, our personalization we bring to the table for each proves just how much effort we are willing to give to bring on the success of a perfect marketing strategy. You can read more on how we provide custom strategies for our clients in our blog post, How to Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy in 7 Easy Steps.

The GoingClear Approach To Social Media Marketing

As a Boston social media marketing agency, we love to take a certain approach for each individual client. This means coming up with a strategy that is customizable and fits your brand like a glove. Since we are local too, we also encourage you to come into our office and meet our social media team that will be taking on your company hands on. 

The Social Media Process

A Boston Social Media Marketing Company Strategy


Social Media Planning & Strategy Tied to KPIs

 Granting Access to Social Channels, Content Planning & Scheduling


 Developing Key Content for Target Results

 Social Listening, Monitoring Campaigns & Reactive Content


Generating a Custom Social Media Marketing Report with Analysis

Integrating optimization from prior results & findings that support target goals

Clarity. Build. Grow. At Our Boston Social Media Marketing Company

Our Boston social media marketing agency lives by one slogan: Clarity. Build. Grow. When we work with you, we want you to know that we start by getting super clear first on what your goals are. We then start to build up a strategy that our competitors simply cannot compete with since it is so unique and custom for each client. Lastly, we will prove to you how successful of a campaign we ran for you and continue to grow your company or business into the future. 


We know any and every company has competition. There is no way around it. But luckily, at GoingClear Interactive, we know a way through it. We will monitor your competitors to make sure nobody is taking away your leads or sales. What we mean by this is we want to make sure the social media marketing efforts our agency is using is beating down your competitors’ space on the platform as we take the lead. Sometimes this can mean increasing spend to a certain amount or just making sure our advertisements are showing at the most convenient times to bog down your competition. 

Social media is a very competitive channel to market on, but our Boston social media marketing agency has experience with competitor strategies.


GoingClear Interactive knows a budget can play one of the most important parts in your social media marketing strategy. Fortunately, there is no minimum or maximum amount you need to spend on any platform. Although a very limited budget might not bring you a ton of traffic, our Boston social media marketing agency knows how to make the most of it.

GoingClear Interactive first wants to clarify what is most important to your brand. Depending on your total budget amount, we want to put a pretty penny towards your essential goals. Anything you want to focus on that’s more of a secondary item will still be attended to with our full marketing efforts, but budget-wise, we will try to spend where we see it more beneficial for your business.

If you aren’t really sure what type of a budget you should be spending or are new to social media marketing altogether, our Boston social media marketing agency can take the lead and point you in the right direction of the perfect monthly spend for your industry. Check out our blog post, 5 Things You Should Know About Social Media Marketing Costs, to learn even more about how to find the perfect budget.


When it is time to report back to you, we always include the perfect amount of analyses in our reports to make sure we show you every social media KPI (key performance indicator). Whether your company or business is more concerned about website traffic, conversions or leads, messages, or any other key metric, we make sure to talk about each one to give you a background of how the account as a whole performed throughout a certain time period. 

Our Boston social media marketing agency doesn’t want to drown you in data or a bunch of analyses, so we fine-tune our reports to show a little of each. Like we mentioned before, our analyses will always be custom just for you. If you or your company requires more information on certain metrics, we will be sure to adhere to your needs and provide a fuller analysis for each of those essential KPIs. 

Come Visit in Person!

Being a local Boston social media marketing agency means we get to meet most of our clients at our office! Although we don’t mind virtual meetings, we encourage you to come stop by and see what we are building for your company. You can have the opportunity to meet each one of our team members that has contributed or is going to contribute to your brand as a whole.

Benefits of Utilizing Social Media Marketing

Out of all the different platforms and channels there are to market on, social media seems to be taking the lead. It’s a popular trend to take advantage of and our Boston social media marketing agency can certainly help your company or business take the lead on any social channel. 

Social Media Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods. You can greatly increase your brand awareness while reaching one of the most broad audiences there is to reach on the web. With millions of users scrolling their social media channels daily, GoingClear Interactive wants to take advantage of the reach to bring in more prospects that our client didn’t even know they could obtain. 

Great Conversion Rates

With the way social media algorithms are set up, we are able to grip more conversions or leads compared to other, more traditional marketing strategies. Every time you post an image, video, or comment on your social media profile or account, it may lead users to your company’s website, which in turn increases your site traffic. Social media marketing also allows your company or business to give a positive impression through a humanization factor. When a social media business account or profile is interactive by sharing content, commenting, and posting statuses on its feed, it personifies a brand. More people actually prefer to do business with other people compared to working with a company; social media gives you that benefit of the doubt.

Brand Loyalty

One of the most important aspects for any business is making sure you obtain brand loyalty. You may think that social media is limited to just brand awareness and promoting your products or services, but in reality your customers or prospects can use social media as a way to communicate directly with you and your business. 

Marketplace Insights

Social media platforms are also one of the best places to gain marketplace insights. Not only are you able to see what else your customer-base profiles are interested in, but they leave valuable feedback throughout your content and posts as well. Social media channels also allow you to segment by demographics so you can analyze those statistics, too. You can’t get these insights through any other type of digital marketing efforts, which is why this is one of the most important benefits of social media.  At our social media marketing company, we make sure to take full advantage of marketplace insights for your benefit. 

Better Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever commented on a business Facebook post or Instagram post and gotten a response back? Does it make you feel valued as a single customer compared to the hundreds or thousands they might have? Social media marketing is unlike any other digital marketing strategy or technique. Through every social media channel, you are able to communicate back to your customers in real time. This leads customers to stay happy and satisfied with you as a brand, as well as showing prospects how much you value your customer base.

The interaction rate throughout social media channels is one of the highest there is with a digital marketing strategy solely because of how dynamic these platforms are. You wouldn’t be able to have a live conversation with a customer or prospect through an inbound marketing strategy, or even an SEM (search engine marketing) strategy. Customers appreciate knowing that there is someone real chatting them back on the other side of your social media profile or account. 

Immediate Results

Unlike other forms of marketing, such as inbound marketing or an SEO strategy, social media marketing sees almost immediate results compared to such. Within each platform, you can track metrics that are usually updated quite frequently. Here, you’ll be able to gauge just how many people you are showing up too and what the exact reach is. Impressions are slightly different from reach in social media, whereas reach is a unique number of impressions you’ve received on your advertisements overtime. You can also track leads, sales, or any other metric that might bring value to your brand.

Check out our blog post, 8 Benefits of Utilizing Social Media Marketing, for a more detailed view on benefiting from social media marketing for your brand.

How We Can Strengthen Your Social Media Presence 

When you partner with our Boston social media marketing agency, GoingClear Interactive knows how to strengthen any type of social media presence. We’ve worked with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and many more social media platforms to bring our clients success.

Social Media Marketing agency

Expertise in Each Social Media Channel

Every social media channel has its quirks, just like a person. Since each channel is so diverse, GoingClear Interactive and its team make sure they know the ins and outs of each. 

Facebook can be very different from Twitter, whereas you might think they are pretty similar. One thing to keep in mind that is crucial on Twitter is the character count. This can be a pain if you are trying to convey a message that might need more space to be explained, but our Boston social media marketing agency knows how to finesse with wordsmithing. You might also think that Instagram is pretty similar to YouTube, where you can play your marketing videos to those who might be interested in your products or services. Fortunately, GoingClear Interactive has your back covered on this one too. Both are pretty diverse channels, but did you know YouTube is a partner of Google? If you are signed into a Google account on any device or desktop you are watching your YouTube videos on, we are able to see more interests, hobbies, searches, or whatever public information Google has collected from a user. This makes it that much easier for us to target more appropriate users on YouTube compared to the amount of data we might have collected from a profile on Instagram. 

Overall, each channel has its differences, but our Boston social media marketing company knows how to make the most of each. Whether you want to market a product or service on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, or any others, we can make it happen.

Pick the Right Social Media Channels With Our Boston Social Media Marketing Company

GoingClear Interactive knows the pros and cons of each social media channel and how it can either help or hurt your business. Depending on your company’s industry, we strive to market your services or products on the social media channels we know you’ll benefit from most. 

For example, let’s say you own or work for a business that sells used cars. You want to get eyeballs viewing images of these cars, whether they are in the market for a car (new or used) or have a strong interest in automobiles in general. Since social media is so diverse, our Boston social media marketing agency can take advantage of these available data sources to generate an audience that would be more likely to turn into an MQL (marketing qualified lead) or SQL (sales qualified lead). 

Read more in our blog post, 4 Best Social Media Platforms to Advertise Your Brand, to find out which social media channel could be the best fit for you.

Focus On Trends

At our Boston social media marketing company, there are so many digital marketing trends we see arise all the time. These same trends go for social media marketing, as well. At our Boston social media marketing agency, we focus on trends as they are happening so we are relevant within your social media marketing efforts.

Some trends that change quite frequently within social media channels are hashtags. These are basically words or phrases after the # symbol that people can search. If you are using that hashtag, you’ll be able to appear for that searcher. In other words, they are similar to keywords you would use in a typical search engine campaign. These hashtags can help gain you valuable traffic, but since it’s social media, they don’t always have to be that relevant. If you want to appear for a popular hashtag that might be trending, we won’t be afraid to use it. Plus, social media is great for building brand awareness so we love to take advantage of that here at our Boston social media marketing agency!

Timing is another trend GoingClear Interactive likes to take advantage of. The time of day when your desired audience is most active is what we strive to take advantage of on every social media platform you are interested in. This is when you will see the most engagement through social media marketing efforts. You can learn more about this trend in our blog post, What Are The Best Times to Post Of Social Media? – A GoingClear Perspective. 

Tracking Leads the Right Way At Our Boston Social Media Marketing Company

At GoingClear, not only are we creating digital advertising for your products or services, but we also want to make sure we are tracking your website. We are able to install snippets of codes, or pixels, that help us bring even more value to your social media marketing efforts.

When our Boston social media marketing company installs a pixel or code on your website, we are able to track all the pages of your site. This makes it easier for us to also remarket to visitors. What is remarketing? Remarketing, in simple terms, is going after a visitor who made it to a certain (or valuable) page on your site, such as a download page or an “In Your Cart” page, but never secured a purchase or took an action. We can then use this information we gained from our installed pixel and make sure we show them a particular ad that will encourage them to go back and take that action, finalizing a purchase or valuable action that your company might consider a lead or sale. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Social Media Packages Offered At Our Company

At GoingClear Interactive, your Boston social media marketing company, we offer a few different packages that you can pick from. Each one offers different tactics that you might find more beneficial for your company or business. Our three packages are the Starter Package, the Essentials Package, and the Plus Package. 

The Starter Package

GoingClear’s Starter monthly social media package is a great way to start building and maintaining your social presence through frequently posted content. You can choose one channel that you want to start advertising on, which we then will have a kickoff meeting with you and your business to make sure we align on all your goals and requirements for these social media marketing efforts. Also included in our Starter Package is a custom branded header graphic and a custom profile optimized graphic to make sure your graphics are up to date and fresh for your audience. 

Ongoing items we include over a monthly basis are daily monitoring of your account, social channel customer response time or 48 hours or less, and even graphic design for self promotions. 

The Essentials Package

Our Essentials social media package is a step up from our Starter package and offers more posts & channels per month to continue building your social media presence. Within this, you can choose up to 2 social media channels, which we also start off by having a kickoff call to align with your goals and requirements you might have going forward with your social media marketing efforts. We also include daily monitoring that you would get in our Starter package.

The Plus Package

GoingClear Interactive’s Plus social media package is an excellent choice when it comes to being even more active and engaging on any social media channel.  For our biggest package, you can choose up to 4 social media channels you’d like to market your services or products on. For each, we can either align all of our ad copy and graphics to sync between each social media channel or we can create 4 separate campaigns between the social media channels to keep your brand’s image wider.  Lastly, we include ongoing optimizations and recommendations that come with our daily monitoring of all 4 of your accounts.

Additional Social Media Marketing Items

Depending on how frequently you want us to post and if the amount of posts is limited in the package you chose, we offer an additional 20 posts per month for a flat fee. We also offer live monthly review sessions, additional social channel add ons, and SEO-driven blog posts that are approximately 1,000 words in total. Contact us for more information on pricing for each item. 

Next Steps in the Social Media Process

When you partner with our Boston social media marketing agency, your company or business will see success within its brand. Whether you are just starting fresh with a brand new social media strategy or are coming to us with a social media strategy already implemented throughout any online channels, GoingClear Interactive will lead the way to a more favorable outcome for your brand.A Boston Social Media Marketing Company

If you’re not sure which direction you want to head with your company and online presence, we can take a look at your options and make recommendations that will accommodate your needs.

Talk to a Social Media Marketing Expert from GoingClear Today.