Read This Before Rebranding Your B2B Business in Boston

August 05, 2021 in Inbound Marketing

Do you feel like your brand identity has become outdated?

Is it more difficult to capture the attention of your customers?

Has that shiny new business luster begun to fade?

If the answer was yes to any of these, get started with a Boston branding agency today.

What Is Rebranding?

Rebranding is a marketing tactic in which an organization that is already established creates and executes a new slogan, logo, name, branding colors, concept, voice, or a mixture of them in order to create a fresh new identity in the eyes of customers, competitors, and others. 

The Value of Rebranding

1.  Customers are Evolving

Technological advancements have made things very fast-paced for contemporary businesses.

Staying in step with this evolution demonstrates to customers the commitment that your brand has to continue to evolve and advance with the industry.

2.  Staying Contemporary and Fresh

It is important to stay current and modern simply for aesthetic reasons. Clean, professional graphics will keep your company top of mind in addition to increasing brand recognition and recall.

3.  Transitioning Through a Merger, Acquisition, or Leadership Change

If there has been a drastic shift in the leadership of the company, it may be time to update the branding to match the changes. This demonstrates that the organization is still dedicated to maintaining its brand identity and staying true to its values.

4. Preparing to Sell

A quality brand update is a great way to polish up the brand and prepare it for sale. Would you sell your car without giving it a full detailing job? Refreshing your brand can give it that “new car smell” and make it “feel” valuable to prospective buyers.

 Is it Time to Rebrand?

To avoid an epic rebranding fail, it is important to ensure that it is the perfect time to make this significant change. Here are five questions to ask when considering rebranding.

1.  Old Image Obsolete?

You may need to rebrand purely because your current image is outdated or no longer relevant to your company. Fonts, styles, and design trends are ever-evolving. This type of rebrand is simple because you can keep it surface-level. A Boston website design agency can clean up your logo, introduce new branding colors, and reshape your website to introduce a new image while maintaining your brand’s voice.

2.  New Competitor?

If a new competitor pops up in your industry, customers may not know which company to purchase from. Rise above the competition by incorporating more appealing elements and differentiating your brand. If a new brand enters your market and has extremely different, attractive brand elements, you can learn a thing or two from their branding.

3.  Current Branding Unprofessional or Botched?

Still have your original logo? It may be time to put a fresh spin on it. Whether you were working with an extremely tight start-up budget or had an inexperienced employee create your logo, it is time to let go of your messy (or boring) branding and try something new. 

4.  New Products or Services Introduced?

Chances are that the business has evolved tremendously since you first started. It is time to rework your branding if it shows images of items or services that are no longer offered. It is important that your branding accurately reflects what your organization currently offers.

5.  Changes to Company Mission & Values?

As businesses grow, they begin to understand more about their target audience and sometimes shift their missions and values to align more with their core demographic. For example, maybe over the last several years, your company’s mission has shifted to incorporate more eco-friendly options. If so, you could update your branding to reflect a sleeker, cleaner logo and a down-to-earth brand voice.

Types Of Rebranding

  • Full Rebranding

A full rebrand consists of starting fresh with a new name, logo, and tone of voice. Full rebranding is useful when a company wants to completely reinvent itself and has no real connection to the company name.

While changing your company name can affect brand recognition and recall for customers, it is a great way to start over while abandoning a name that no longer fits your business or stands out in a competitive industry.

Full rebranding is generally completed in the first few years of a business. You won’t see brands such as Nike or Toyota changing their name and doing a full rebrand these days.

  • Visual Rebranding

Similar to a full rebrand, a visual rebrand takes a lot of work and implements quite a few changes. Although you won’t be changing your company name, you would be changing your logo, colors, and visual identity with a visual rebrand. This type of rebranding may also include a change to your company’s vision and mission statement.

  • Brand Refresh

A brand refresh is more of a gradual update than a complete overhaul of your company. This refresh can consist of adjusting colors, fonts, and aspects of your logo. This type of rebranding does not require a large announcement or a heads-up for your customers.

The Rebranding Process 

Once you decide that rebranding is the right choice for your company, it is time to start the process.

  • First, identify your goals and choose the type of rebrand that best fits your company’s needs. Do you need a full overhaul or just a refresh? 
  • If you are putting the time and effort into rebranding your company, it is necessary to put your best foot forward to prevent a rebrand fail. Work with professionals to curate your new logo, website graphics, announcement content, email banners, and more. 
  • A simple brand refresh doesn’t require a full announcement. You could tease your social posts asking your followers if they notice anything new. This is a fun way to increase engagement during a brand refresh. If you are going with a full rebrand or visual rebrand, you must announce your rebrand to customers in advance via social media, email, or in-store materials.
  • Now, launch your rebrand! Show the world the changes that you’ve made and collect data to see how your rebranding strategy has affected your sales and other metrics such as website traffic, add to cart (ATC) rates, browse abandonment, and more.

Reignite the Flame by Rebranding

At GoingClear, we help companies establish or reinvigorate their brand. Our creative team works to gain deep insight into what makes your company unique. We learn about your company’s personality, products or services, and your audience. Drawing on that understanding, we create visual brand identities that inspire awe and tell your brand story.

Our tried and true rebranding work speaks for itself! You can check out our results here.

Have questions about how the Boston branding agency can help with your rebranding? Contact us to start a conversation today!

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