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December 14, 2021 in Content Marketing

In the B2B space, securing interest from potential clients and converting that interest into purchases often involves a longer journey than has been established for B2C concerns. For that reason, the design of your B2B company web app must follow web app design best practices. Three major issues explain why GoingClear follows a B2B web app development guide in Boston and beyond to facilitate visitor conversion and client satisfaction.

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B2B Versus B2C Differentiators

B2B products and services are sold differently than B2C products and services. The sales process from awareness to interest to purchase generally requires a longer interaction over multiple contact points for B2B is a much longer journey than B2C. It is also common for B2B products and services to existing at a significantly higher price point than those found on B2C sites. Purchases can often require individual negotiations, both for pricing and customized configurations for the B2B client. The goal of the B2C website is to build interest and secure a sale during an initial visit, but B2B sites must focus on developing a relationship with a visitor over a longer period. This can often start with site visitors analyzing the user experience (UX) of your company web app and may determine if there will ever be an opportunity for a live interaction for the sales team.

Considerations for B2B Web App Development

Although visitors searching for B2B products tend to be savvier regarding offerings in their field and are not put off by professional jargon, the overwhelming trend of the B2C space is to offer content and user experience that is well designed and easily digestible. This means that B2B site visitors have been programmed to expect the same features and UX when shopping for, or utilizing, a B2B product or service. It is no longer enough to have a web app or native app that is a powerful tool if those tools are not offering an excellent user experience. In-house development teams that are producing excellent enterprise products and services are most often concerned with functionality, with UX often considered only as an afterthought. This means that remedying such a trend in-house will either require shaking up the development process by adding web app UX specialists to the design team, or by contacting a GoingClear rep to analyze and advise on web app usability.

Web App Design Best Practices

When designing a B2B web app, development teams are often overeager to display core strengths and features to visitors. This can backfire by overwhelming your end-user with too much information. Any copy utilized in your B2B web app should be closely analyzed, parsed for readability, and then parsed again to ensure a user simply scanning text blocks is still able to accomplish their goal within the app. This is easy to do if you’re a well-known brand offering familiar services or special offers but becomes trickier if you’re offering a new or unknown B2B product or service. Striking a balance between blocks of copy and enough information to persuade the user to hit a call to action button is a continually moving target. The GoingClear team is constantly on the cutting edge of UX research and testing to ensure that web app design best practices are implemented and updated as industry trends evolve.

Tips for Web App Design

Visuals send clear messages to users, so photos need to be chosen carefully. Appealing photos and illustrations are best applied when serving dual duty as an information source of what value your B2B web app offers visitors. Photos are perceived much more quickly by the human eye than text, and images tend to stick in long-term memory.

The general layout of your B2B web app must provide appropriate amounts of detailed information that is organized with an obvious path of navigation. Web apps should be as uncluttered as possible, with navigation menus that contain no more than five or six top-level categories. These categories should focus on evidence of the particular expertise your company can offer, along with how your business can solve major problems for your most desired type of customer.

Keep your resources section separate from any promotional materials, like sales presentations, brochures, or company news. This will increase your credibility with users while driving brand engagement by establishing your B2B company as a go-to for information and industry updates.

Test B2B Web Apps on Mobile, Early and Often

In addition to captivating images, there are several no-exception requirements for a B2B web application that have been determined through consumer research and continually confirmed to obtain and retain user engagement. The single most important factor impacting the effectiveness of your B2B web app in the current climate is the UX of mobile users. A mobile web app has demonstrated the ability to improve the opinion of over 60% of users. Whether on mobile or desktop, users expect your B2B web app load time to occur within two seconds. Every tenth of a second over that number decreases the likelihood that the user will utilize your web app again by as much as 88%. Conversely, longer user sessions and increased customer conversion are positively correlated with fast, mobile-friendly load and activity times.

Make Users Feel in Control

Finally, a successful web app gives users options – even if they are less inclined to use them. A concise assortment of potential system functions increases the feeling that they are partnering with your B2B company to accomplish a set goal. Make sure you include design features that allow users who have accidentally tapped the wrong button or CTA to back up in the process–this will help to minimize frustration and prevent user abandonment.

Create A Winning B2B Web App Design In Boston

If your B2B sales are stagnant, or your sales team is having trouble connecting with highly desirable clients, GoingClear experts are on standby to give you a full analysis of B2B web app design best practices to get your company back on track in 2022. Use our dedicated web app to connect with a team member to get started on a collaboration that will improve your conversion and sales stats across the board.

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