Note about Marketing Strategy

The approach, goals, and strategies for B2B marketing are different from standard digital marketing, and for this reason, the website and landing page that a B2B business uses should be different as well.

One of the most important aspects of a website is its landing page—it’s most likely the first place where your visitors meet your company. Making a good impression is essential for growth, and a well-designed landing page is how you do that.

There are several best practices that can help ensure that you’re creating killer landing pages that will attract your audience and keep them hooked long enough to become customers. 

But first…

What Is a Landing Page?

A website’s landing page serves a very specific purpose. It is where visitors are converted into leads, who will hopefully become return customers in the future. It all begins on the landing page, which is an important part of the sales funnel and buyer’s journey.

Landing pages often contain lead forms that are meant to get contact information from visitors. This information is obtained by offering the visitor something valuable in return, which is known as an offer. 

B2B website landing pages are a bit different from typical landing pages because they’re not aimed at the general public, but at other businesses who are looking for a specific service.

Key Landing Page Elements

The following elements are important to make landing pages as good as it can possibly be:

Main and Supporting Headline

You need to hook your visitors as soon as they land on your B2B website’s landing page. A strong main headline and an effective supporting headline are what can help you grab visitors’ attention.

The headline must clearly describe what the visitor will get from spending time on the page. It should convey a strong message that is of interest to the visitor. Typically, it should be short and sweet.

The supporting headline is a direct extension of the main headline and gives additional information. It should complement the message of the main headline.

Unique Selling Proposition

It’s important that landing pages show visitors what sets the companies apart from their competition. Make your unique selling proposition visible and clear as soon as you can. Describe how your company’s service or product benefits the visitors, but keep it succinct.


Directly under your unique selling point, you need to highlight the benefits that visitors can expect from your offer. This is the best time to answer any questions that people may have and provide more details about your service or product.

Images or Videos

The value of images or video content on landing pages should not be underestimated. Visitors often skip past text and having images or videos that help them to understand your offer better can make a big difference in how effective your B2B website’s landing page is at generating leads.

Social Proof

The importance of social proof is undeniable—people put a lot of trust in what others say about a company. Use social proof to persuade your visitors to take you up on your offer.

Call to Action

Without a good call to action, visitors will not take the steps you want them to and move further down the sales funnel. Your call to action can be something as simple as a standalone button or it can be part of a lead generation form. It’s up to you how your B2B website’s call to action is handled, as long as it’s there.

How to Design an Effective Landing Page

Knowing the key elements of good landing pages is important, but it’s just as important to know how to go about designing a landing page that gets results.

Here are some of the best ways to design landing pages that effectively generate leads:

Craft a Brilliant Headline

Getting lots of people to visit your B2B website is only part of the process of lead generation. Although it’s a bitter pill to swallow, your bounce rate may be pretty high in general. To keep your bounce rate as low as you can, craft a headline that will captivate visitors and make them want to stick around.

Choose the Right Images

You need to select images that illustrate your offer in a creative and compelling way. Images are mandatory, and you should not neglect them because they’re extremely valuable. Your images should represent your target audience and convey distinct feelings. Specifically, it should show how your visitors will feel once they accept your offer.

Write Compelling Copy

Landing pages with beautiful images and amazing headlines will only get so much attention. Without compelling copy, your landing page won’t achieve the goals you’ve set for it.

Make sure your landing page copy is concise and clear. Your visitors should know what you’re offering, why you’re offering it, and why they need it. Make the copy inclusive by using terms like ‘you’ and ‘your’.

Add a Clear and Standout CTA

A good call to action can be the most important element of a B2B website’s landing page. It is how you encourage visitors to take action and convert them into leads. Your CTA button has to stand out and indicate exactly what you want your visitors to do. Action verbs like ‘Download’, ‘Get it Now’, and ‘Submit’ usually get the best results.

Make Your Page Responsive

Landing pages, just like any other pages on a well-designed B2B website, need to be responsive to enhance the viewing experience of visitors. You don’t want your form to lose its design and ease of use when a visitor is using a mobile device to view your page. Ensure that your page is always optimized for responsiveness.

Optimize for Search

Although you may have different marketing efforts in place, like email marketing and similar strategies that will attract your audience, you should also optimize your landing page for search engines. Use the right keywords and remember to keep SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind.

Have a Thank You Page

Thank you pages are where leads are sent once they’ve completed forms. By having one, you can add a touch of personalization to your B2B website. Give your leads a message to tell them that you’re grateful they took the time to click on your CTA button.

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