Growth through Digital

Need to get clear on something when it comes to growing your business or brand through digital? Leverage a GoingClear growth workshop.

What is a Workshop?

A digital growth workshop is a live half-day* on-site session at your office or ours where senior members of the GoingClear team that typically include any of the following: strategists, designers, developers, marketers or other, come together to help solve your challenges through solutions that can work. There is influence taken from the design sprint methodology when it comes to framing and specific goal setting.

*Typically digital growth workshops are a half-day, but can be set for shorter or longer periods of time.

How does a workshop work?

We understand that time and resources are king. With that noted, there is a healthy amount of planning and research that goes into a live digital growth workshop session. In order to maximize our live session together, we first work through defining the challenges as clear as possible whether it’s a customer acquisition challenge, complex web app build challenge, digital marketing strategy, content planning, startup web-based strategy challenges or more. Once the challenge is defined along with further planning & review have been completed, we assemble the key GoingClear team to contribute and be present during the live workshop that will help solve the defined digital challenges.

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