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Traditional marketing is focused more on using typical traditional top of funnel (TOFU) marketing tactics as part of an annual marketing strategy, where growth marketing is geared towards a more data-driven, ROI and KPI targeted, hyper optimization focused, full funnel strategy that is aimed to get results. With GoingClear Interactive as your growth marketing in-house team that can deliver the digital growth marketing strategic direction as well as execution of the plan, we can become fully synced with your brand’s or business’s mission, financial projects and marketing/sales goals. Founded in 2001, our goal is to deliver success to any campaigns, clients or projects we work on. Growth marketing is an excellent vehicle to run, manage and optimize your digital presence while zeroing in on key channels that are returning the best results based on the KPIs and goals we are focused on.

How does it work?

Similar to our other digital marketing services, the growth marketing setup and execution process is similar where there is a “getting clear” setup, discovery and clarity phase, then from there, when goals are defined, metrics are benchmarked and we are synced for success, the execution of the monthly plan begins. With a digital strategist assigned to your brand or business, you have somebody at GoingClear that cares about your campaign success and leveraging their T shaped marketing and digital background for optimal results.

One key element in growth marketing is ongoing measurement and optimization via a data driven mindset. The numbers influence the story about your campaigns and we are adjusting tactical elements within your digital presence to squeeze the highest return on key channels leveraged.

What’s included in Growth Marketing services?

We should begin to tell you what is not included in growth marketing which would be a smaller list. An easy way to think about growth marketing services is to picture growth leveraging heavy digital tactics and channels and then when you think of the elements needed to push successful digital campaigns forward, every little piece of that push is what is included. The following is what elements can be included in growth marketing: copywriting, content, SEO, web design, web development, web apps, graphic design, design collateral, digital strategy, video, branding, website features, website effects, conversion rate optimization (CRO), landing pages, blogging, A/B testing, link building, keyword research, persona development and optimization, CRM integration and maintenance, inbound marketing, email marketing, social advertising, social media marketing, marketing automation, lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, progressive profiling, ROI reporting, content marketing, Google paid ads, retargeting and of course, measurement, campaign review and optimization.

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If you think we could be of service helping your business or brand grow through growth marketing and or if you don’t even have a marketing department and would like to leverage us as your outsourced complete marketing department with digital marketing strategic direction, then connect with us today to schedule a complimentary appointment to review.

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