When you look at social media platforms and the impact they have on consumer behavior, it almost sounds too good to be true. Where else will a marketer find platforms where potentially 50% of the world population could see their content? 

Visibility: That’s 3 billion sets of eyes.

Social media platforms also offer a fairly universal gateway to all three demographic age groups active in the economic landscape currently, and provide a direct pipeline to the up-and-coming Generation Z. And it’s not just access to users, but with the usage of upwards of 3 hours a day per user across platforms, you’ve got plenty of active traffic and opportunities for engagement as well.

Content by the Page

While businesses understand the power of social media, and most of us already use the major platforms, we do so as users first, businesses second. A surface scan of each social media platform shows that many professionals on the platforms understand how to leverage content properly. However, for every clever account out in the wild, there are countless others with users who are posting the wrong types of content on the wrong platforms and attempting to engage potential clients in ways that don’t mesh with the active online environment. This disconnect can create cognitive dissonance for the user and prevents businesses from getting the most value from their online efforts. 

In this discussion, GoingClear breaks down the purpose of each social media platform, how users are leveraging content on the platform, and what kind of content will have the most impact. 


The social media platform with the most miles on it, Facebook has seen teen users fall off by more than 20% over the last five years, with only 51% of the demographic now claiming to be active on the platform. That still leaves 68% of the American population active on Facebook upwards of 8 times a day and with 96% of those users accessing the social media site on a mobile device. 

These patterns of access combined with recent changes to the news feed algorithm have forced many businesses to adjust their approach to content marketing on Facebook and it’s a completely different platform than it was even 2 years ago. Just over 93% of businesses still remain active on the platform, but content has shifted towards curated content and video marketing content. In fact, video outperforms all other forms of content across the platform. In order to push engagement, focus content on inspirational, funny, or practical themed posts. . 


Sister site to Facebook, Instagram boasts 1 billion active users per month, with 500 million of those users engaging with the platform daily. Instagram hasn’t seen the attrition with teens that Facebook has experienced and 64% of the user base falls into the Millenial and Generation Z cohorts. Designed for imagery and videos, data culled from the platform shows video engagement outperforming image engagement by 20%. 

The platform has become a favorite of businesses, and business presence in the last few years has actually supposed Twitter. Businesses looking to engage with users with branded videos can expect the best results on Wednesdays and Fridays. 


With 330 million monthly users and only 22% of adult social media users, Twitter is still a powerhouse recognized for its ability to drive monetizable traffic. The platform allows microblog posts with limited character counts and is a perfect sounding board for questions directed at businesses. It is also widely used by businesses to make announcements and at an industry level to communicate trends. Essentially the goal for businesses is to create micro-versions of long-form advertising and redirect readers back to the website where the full marketing campaign can kick into effect. 

Due to the rapid-fire nature of content, it’s also a great place for businesses to post flash sales and promotions with limited scope. The power of video content transitions to the platform but in this sphere, images are used much more often as there is an increased focus on short and extremely concise communication than exists on other platforms. 


The LinkedIn social media platform is what happens when you combine a robust job hunting interface with a community that wants the assurance of finding serious B2B content and networking opportunities. At 690 million active users on the platform, LinkedIn remains a focused and dedicated marketing platform that has seen fairly strong growth in 2020 due to economic conditions driving people across all industries and demographics to seek out business connections to either build sales or identify employment opportunities.

LinkedIn is a huge driver of conversion traffic. Studies show that 80% of B2B leads originate on the platform and 46% of social media traffic landing on company websites comes from traffic on the LinkedIn feed. Wednesday is one of the best days for networking on the platform if you’re looking to make a connection or ensure engagement with a marketing post. 


It’s hard to pin down specific analytics with the TikTok social media video sharing application, but there’s no denying that the app holds a strong place on this list. We know that Douyin, the platform’s Chinese predecessor, boasted around 300 million users when it merged with Musical.ly in 2019, and according to a Hubspot report, a leaked advertising deck claimed the platform had more than 800 million active monthly users internationally. 

While there has been some shakeup in ownership, media as late as July of 2020 still tout TikTok’s value in the ability for businesses to build brand recognition quickly and cheaply on a platform that can give more organic exposure than paid advertising across any other social media platform. It puts content in the exact place at the exact moment that could take it viral and turn a mere video into a monstrously powerful digital trend.  

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