Digital Presence Audit

Multi-Channel Strategy that focus on results

With digital marketing and customer acquisition, there are countless channels to leverage to support your business, marketing and sales goals. We offer a digital presence audit to assist in assessing the current state of your currently leveraged channels as well as define additional channels that could contribute to your goals. We develop and present a multi-channel digital strategy approach to assist in moving your business forward through the right channels.

What is a Digital Presence Audit?

A digital presence audit is what it sounds like where audit your presence in the digital world with a focus on marketing and the acquisition of new customers. The Internet makes up a large part of the digital world, but it doesn’t stop there. Consider voice search, smart TVs, Iot devices and more. Though the main focus of a digital presence audit are core Internet channels, we also can review these faster growing channels too by request. The end result of a digital presence audit is for the GoingClear team to define and present a clear assessment of your current presence or lack thereof and the proposed optimized digital presence that will contribute to the success of associated KPIs that make a difference for your business or brand.

How does a Digital Presence Audit work?

Through a combination of research, planning and review along with a live meeting or two, GoingClear’s digital presence audit is delivered. In addition to the live meetings, planning and research, a live presentation of our results helps to communicate your audit in the most effective way.

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