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Microsite Annual Compensation Survey

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About VC Platform


VC Platform’s vision is to collaboratively elevate the venture capital platform profession globally by recognizing and propagating standards of excellence in portfolio and firm management to benefit the member community, the portfolio companies they serve and the venture capital industry at large.

How GoingClear Helped


GoingClear partnered up to understand, design, develop and launch the 5th annual global compensation survey for VC Platform. The end goal of the project was to help empower both firms and Platform professionals with the data needed to make more informed decisions around Platform compensation. One of the key highlights of this one page microsite was to design/develop a custom compensation calculator that fed from a large amount of data to see allow website users interact with seeing how they stack up.

From project kickoff, working through the design phase and then ultimately coding up this one page microsite with interactive calculator, it was a success and conversions & engagements were high. Great project as well with interesting data to consume!