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About Oshen


Oshen is a premier business SMS tool (B2B Software) that allows companies to stay connected with their contacts and amplify their customer spend. They offer efficient text marketing strategies that can boost campaign efforts. Through Oshen, businesses can build and organize their contact lists, make profitable text marketing campaigns, and optimize their campaigns to boost their conversion rates. Oshen offers many features, both engagement and marketing, that make their digital marketing campaigns the strongest they have ever been. Businesses can create and optimize their own campaigns or Oshen can manage their account for them. These fully automated features help businesses, big and small, focus on their business’ strategy most efficiently.

How GoingClear Helped

Oshen is helping companies across the nation maximize their texting campaigns. GoingClear was there to help more companies find them and use their products. We started off designing a marketing site for Oshen that would help maximize their conversation rate in return. After a high converting site was built, GoingClear designed their new product UI for both their native Mobile Apps as well as their full Web App UI too. Once their marketing site was ready and their software was looking great via the new UI so that we could lead and integate a PLG (Product Led Growth) strategy, we then moved to the marketing side of things to attract and convert their target audience. Digital marketing strategies were vital for Oshen. We helped create their GTM strategy via digital which tactically included Paid Search, Display, and Remarketing ads on Google and Microsoft platforms. Along with Paid, we also have a heavy SEO program running along with a thoughtful Inbound strategy leveraging automation and advancing leads down the funnel so that their sales team are happy with the quality of leads that they can close on. As Oshen continues to conquer the business texting world, GoingClear will help along the way with digital strategy, branding, creative, website optimization/CRO, Inbound, SEO, Paid Search and more.