eight1six is an online fashion jewelry boutique that offers its members exclusive access to a constantly refreshed selection of eye-catching fashion jewelry. eight1six partners with the designers that supply chic fashion jewelry to upscale retailers, and brings their in-season merchandise direct to consumers, like you.

Their online boutique showcases two sales per week, each lasting 48 hours. Each sale features a fresh selection of gorgeous necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Every piece sold on eight1six is hand-picked to provide you with a great mix of on-trend and classic pieces, so no matter what your style you are sure to find something you love at each and every sale!

And the best part? Since we are strictly an online boutique, every piece sold on eight1six is priced without the high brick-and-mortar retailer mark-up.

So what are you waiting for? Become an eight1six member today and get access to highly sought-after fashion jewelry at prices that are always in style!

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As a result of GoingClear's above solutions, we helped eight1six win a $1.1 Million Series A funding round for their eCommerce business growth.

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