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About Hellenic College Holy Cross


All colleges promise a good education. Very few promise not only to educate but to elevate the whole person. Hellenic College of the Holy Cross is that rare institution of higher learning with a higher purpose: to foster the moral and spiritual as well as intellectual development of every student. It offers opportunities unmatched by any other college or university for this multidimensional development.

How GoingClear Helped


With Hellenic College of the Holy Cross, located in Brookline Massachusetts, they were looking for a web design and development agency that was not going to just give them the same old template website that looks like many of the other college websites, but they were looking for a firm that could deliver on offering creative visuals, inspiring design, mobile-first and friendly along with high-performance web development and coding expertise to make sure the user-experience was effective, created for conversion but at the same time focusing on communicating the several different departments, admissions information, campus calendar, certificate programs, school of theology and more. In the end, this is a 250 plus page website that has loads of information, but property structured for easy conversion paths and information seeking users. We had a fun time with this project and really focused on providing a clean, effective website experience for the many different personas and audience that would be interacting with the new Hellenic college website.