Dealing with Google Algo Updates

December 15, 2018 in SEO

If you’re even remotely familiar with search engine optimization and everything it involves, then you probably realize how important it is to keep up with Google algorithm updates. Whether you focus on broad-based SEO or you concentrate your efforts on local SEO, Google’s algorithm updates can have an effect on the success of your work.

The Potential Consequences of Google Algorithm Changes

Just like Google’s algorithm changes can have effects that range from inconsequential to severe for your website, the search engine’s algorithm updates vary widely in terms of their scope. Many people don’t realize it, but Google makes frequent changes to the algorithms it uses. A lot of those changes are so slight that they won’t affect your site’s position in search engine results pages in the least.

While most of Google’s algorithm updates are minor and they won’t have a direct impact on your SEO, other changes are significant enough to have a direct, immediate effect on your website’s rank in SERPs. In addition to lowering the rank of your site, here are some of the other negative consequences that a Google algorithm change can yield:

  • Drop in visibility
  • Reduced volume of organic traffic
  • Reduction in conversions
  • Lower return on investment
  • Lost revenue
  • Fewer sales

Of course, for every website that suffers negative consequences when Google changes its algorithm, there’s a site that benefits from the update. This means that you’re not necessarily destined to suffer when Google makes a change because there’s always a chance your site will be one of the lucky ones.

A lot of SEOs look at Google algorithm updates as a means for the search engine to punish websites. While some sites do experience negative consequences, Google’s motivation for a change isn’t to punish anyone or any particular website.

Instead, the search giant updates its algorithm with the perfectly innocent goal of providing more precise responses to searches initiated by users. As a result of that noble objective, websites that provide a good user experience and relevant, meaningful content are often rewarded when an algorithm change is made.

Knowing How to Reach to an Algorithm Update

Few things instill fear in SEOs and digital marketers quite like a change being made to Google’s algorithm. With the major change that was implemented in August, 2018, it’s clear that there are some solid reasons why so many people get concerned when Google makes an adjustment.

On August 1, 2018, Google unrolled an update that’s earned the nickname “Medic.” The update’s nickname is appropriate because this change hit a lot of medical websites the worst. Many websites related to the medical community experienced changes in their positions in SERPs. While that’s the case, fluctuations in rank weren’t limited to the medical field. Medic also impacted websites in other industries.

Take a Breath and Don’t Panic

Although it’s advisable to track Google’s algorithms updates, doing so isn’t enough. You also have to know how to react to any change that impacts your SEO and/or website. Because the consequences of an algorithm update can be so severe, many people panic whenever a change is made.

Given the discussion of Medic provided above, it’s certainly understandable why someone would hit the panic button in the face of an algorithm update. While it’s understandable, panicking isn’t an appropriate reaction because it’s not going to help in any way, shape or form.

If you panic, it’s likely that you’ll start making changes to your website with the hope that something will work. You should resist this temptation. Rather than rushing to make changes you’re not sure will be effective, take a step back, take a breath and see what happens over the course of a few days.

Do Some Research

If you notice that your site did suffer some negative consequences as a result of Google’s algorithm update and it seems they’re going to stick, it’s time for you to do some research. Luckily, there are plenty of reliable resources online which you can turn to for some actionable advice.

Here are some of the digital resources you may want to consult:

Remember, you’re not the only SEO who’s going to be trying to figure out the impact that a given algorithm change will have. Other SEOs and digital marketers will also be scrambling for answers. In addition to consulting resources online, it’s wise for you to reach out to your peers for information. Keep in mind that doing this should involve a give and take where you share the information you’ve gathered with others who share your interest in an algorithm update and its results.


If it’s clear that one of Google’s algorithm updates has your website in its crosshairs after you do some research, it’s time for you to take action. You should start by identifying the things your site is being dinged for. Once you’ve identified these things, you need to fix them.

If your site doesn’t use HTTPS and it lacks an SSL certificate, you need to secure your site as soon as you can. Does your site take too long to load? If that’s the case, you’ll need to improve your page load speeds. Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a great tool to use for useful advice about getting your webpages to load faster. Is your content stale and outdated? You should create new, fresh content that’s relevant and meaningful to your target audience and upload it at your earliest opportunity.

Contact Our SEO Company

If you’re afraid that an algorithm change will have a negative impact on your website and search engine optimization, you should get in touch with our SEO company. We offer a long list of SEO services that can help you minimize the negative consequences of an algorithm change or maximize the benefits an update might alternatively provide.

We encourage you to learn about our SEO services now to see how our skills can help you overcome or maximize the results of any change Google makes to its algorithm. Once you see how we can help, contact GoingClear Interactive to arrange a consultation.

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