Did you know that as many as 97 percent of consumers search for products and services using the Internet? What does that mean for the owners of small and midsize businesses (SMB)? It means you should get a website if you don’t already have one for your business.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Your business needs a website. If the fact that the vast majority of people search for things to buy online isn’t enough to convince you that your business needs to have a website, consider the following statistics:

  • 91 percent of consumers have visited a physical store because of an experience they had online
  • 37 percent of people turn to the Internet to locate a brick-and-mortar store a minimum of one time per month
  • 68 percent of shoppers who use their smartphones to conduct local searches visit a store within 24 hours. Of those people, almost 50 percent buy something within the same time period
  • About 69 percent of the small businesses that have websites record yearly sales between one million and $2,490,000

Reasons to Invest in a Website Design for Your Business

While the statistics discussed above are compelling, numbers aren’t the only reason why it’s wise for small and midsize business owners to invest in web design for their company. Even if you employ just five people or less and your budget is tight, it’s still advisable to invest in website development to have a website made for your organization.

Here are some reasons why you can’t go wrong with an investment in web development for your business:

It’s Accessible 24/7

If you operate a physical store, it’s likely that you close it at the end of the day. While people can’t buy things in your brick-and-mortar outlet when it’s closed, they can still purchase goods or services on your website at all hours of the day or night. That is, they would be able to buy the things you sell anytime if you had a website.

It Provides Credibility

In today’s connected society, people expect businesses of all sorts to have a website. If you don’t have one, it may cause people to question the legitimacy of your company and the quality of your products or services. When you have a website, your business will be better perceived by people who search for it on the Internet.

It’s Another Marketing Channel

A website is somewhat akin to an online billboard you can use to promote your business and your goods or services. It also provides another way for consumers to find your business. To get the most out of your website, be sure to use search engine optimization and a sound digital marketing plan to ensure it ranks well in search engine results pages for local and organic searches.

It Can Generate Qualified Leads

While people might be reluctant to share any personal information when they visit your physical store, many are more than willing to share their email address in an online contact form. This is particularly true if they’re rewarded for doing so with something like a discount or a newsletter. Because so many consumers are willing to share at least limited information online, you can use your website to generate leads.

It Yields Meaningful Data

Whether you’re interested in WordPress development or you’re going to use a different platform for your site, your website will yield meaningful data about the people who have an interest in your goods or services. You can use this data to get to know your target market better and fine-tune your marketing campaigns to increase sales.

It Makes the Most of People’s Willingness to Buy Online

While many people still prefer to visit a physical store to make purchases, ecommerce sales continue to climb. Consumers in the United States spent $390.00 billion online in 2016 and they spent $453.46 billion in 2017, a 16 percent increase. By 2020, it’s expected that Americans will spend more than $684 billion online. When you have a website, you can take advantage of people’s willingness to buy things over the Internet.

It Can Increase Your In-Store Sales

According to eMarketer, more than 90 percent of purchases made around the world still take place offline. Although that’s the case, many people research products and services online before they buy them as was mentioned earlier. When you have a website, consumers can research the things you sell easily, which can lead to increased in-store sales.

It Can Be an Internal Resource Center

In addition to increasing sales and giving your physical outlet a presence online around the clock every day of the year, including holidays, your website can be a resource for your employees. Make an orphan webpage that can only be viewed by your employees and provide training videos and instructional materials that they can refer to whenever they want.

It Offers Social Proof

Did you know that 90 percent of shoppers say online reviews have an impact on their purchasing decisions? With that being the case, you can help inspire people to shop with you by providing access to online reviews of your business on your website. If you don’t want to do that, you should at least make it easy for people to read your reviews by providing links to the review sites where your business is listed.

It Provides a Competitive Advantage

If your competitors don’t have websites, having one for your business can give you a competitive advantage. Being the only company in your niche to have a website will make your organization seem like it’s on the cutting edge and in step with the times.

Work With a Web Designer

If you’re now convinced that having a website for your business is a good idea, you should get in touch with GoingClear. We have a full menu of web development and website design services and we’re ready to put our skills to work for you.

Whether you want a website that’s solely for ecommerce, you want a site that will support your existing location or something else, we’ll create and maintain it for you. Contact GoingClear to learn more about our web design and development services now.