When it comes to branding, everything that represents your company in any way, shape or form matters. Your product packaging matters. Your letterhead matters. Your advertisements matter. As you would expect, your website matters, too. All of these things and plenty of others must be in line with your brand to avoid confusing your existing clientele base and your prospects.

Checking Your Website’s Alignment

While you may know a lot of things have to align with your brand, you might be curious about whether your website really is in line with your overall branding. Unfortunately, seeing if your website is aligned with your brand isn’t as easy as checking your car’s alignment. You can check your vehicle’s alignment simply by taking it for a quick spin. To see if your website is aligned with your brand, you’ll need to sit down and look for certain things.

Here are some of the things you should keep an eye out for as you look over your website:

  • Consistency: It is vital for your website to be consistent with your branding. Use the same colors, font and logo that you use on your other branding platforms on your website. Doing so will enable visitors to instantly associate your website with your brand, which is essential for them to trust your website and remain loyal to your brand.
  • Simplicity: If your website is too complex or overwhelms visitors with too much information or an unpleasant user experience (e.g. audio or videos that play automatically), it can create confusion about your brand. Keep your website simple and easy to use so that it’s a natural extension of your brand instead of a distraction that users may actively avoid.
  • Personality: To be aligned with your brand, your website must have the same personality. If you want to make your brand more approachable, consider using custom animations or illustrations on your website that are in keeping with your overall branding.
  • Meaningful Content: Just like you have to make your products or services relatable and relevant for consumers to buy them, your website can only support your brand by providing content that’s meaningful to your customers and prospects. From product demonstration videos to infographics that explain the benefits of your services, authoritative blog posts and much more, your website should employ different means to reinforce your brand with meaningful content.
  • Current Information: While it’s important to have meaningful content on your website, it’s equally important for the information to be current. If you have outdated or inaccurate content on your website, it may undercut the credibility and trustworthiness of your entire brand.
  • Accessible Contact Information: As a business owner, you want your brand to be trusted. One way you can align your website with your brand in this context is by providing accessible contact information on every one of your website’s pages. Don’t force visitors to hunt down your contact information or navigate to a dedicated contact page. Instead, put your contact information in a prominent location on all your pages.

If you’re having trouble determining whether your website is aligned with your brand or you already know your website needs some work, contact GoingClear. We provide a long list of services that will ensure your website is and will remain in tune with your branding. Contact us to learn more today!