B2B Video Marketing Trends

Video marketing is a highly effective strategy that uses videos to reach audiences and sell products and services without being pushy or gimmicky. Contrary to traditional marketing, video marketing is welcomed by consumers. About 88% of people actually want to see more video content from brands.

The problem is, however, that there are so many ways of tackling video marketing that it can be challenging to decide how and where to start.

One way to ensure you’re starting your video marketing the right way is by learning from the trends. Use the most successful and popular trends to inspire your content, and you’re more likely to launch successful campaigns.

Trend 1: Educational and Interactive Videos

Since the digital era rolled in, people have changed the way they want to learn. More and more people are more interested in watching online videos to learn about new topics or subjects. This is also true for learning about new products and services.

Provide education to your audience through videos and they’re more likely to be interested in what you want to offer them. Educational videos can come in many forms. You can teach your audience how to use your products and services or show them how they were made. Give them guidance on how to make the most of your products so they’ll want to buy them.

Interactive videos keep your audience engaged and interested. These videos allow viewers to click, scroll, drag, and interact with your video content. It’s a nice way for your audience to get to know your products without physically visiting stores.

Trend 2: How-to Videos

One of the biggest video marketing trends involves videos that go above and beyond to teach consumers and customers how to use products and services.

A well-made how-to video will not only help your audience to understand your product but make them eager to start using it for themselves. Use these videos to show off all the great features of your product and get your audience interested.

There are many ways to make your how-to videos compelling without being overly ‘salesy’ or pushy. Use interesting visuals, animations, and complementary music to make your how-to videos engaging.

How-to videos are especially useful for brands that are selling complicated software or products. It’s easier to understand a product or service when it’s explained visually.

Trend 3: Videos That Include User-Generated Content

Another trend that impacts B2B video production is the use of UGC(User-Generated Content). These videos are focused on the real-life experiences of previous customers. Customers can make videos showing how they use a product or service and how satisfied they are.

You can ask your customers to share their experience with your brand by recording it and then use that to show potential clients what to expect. It’s important to ensure that these videos are authentic, though, and not scripted or dishonest.

UGC video content can be unboxing videos, testimonials, reviews, interviews, and even customer case studies. As long as they’re real, honest, and not paid for, any kind of video content made by your customers will be good enough.

You can share these videos on your social media platforms, your official website, and even on YouTube to reach a wider audience.

Trend 4: B2B Behind-The-Scenes Videos

A great way to show your audience that you’re not just a faceless, emotionless brand is by giving them a look at how things happen behind the scenes. People want to know that the brands they support are run by real people who care about them, and behind-the-scenes videos are perfect for this.

These kinds of videos have become one of the top video marketing trends because of how ‘real’ they feel to consumers. It’s intriguing for them to see what happens behind the closed doors of the companies they’re shopping from and supporting.

Behind-the-scenes videos will not only help your brand feel more human but also show the world how your business operates. A virtual tour of the company, the production line, the offices, and other personal spaces can be a nice way to let your audience get to know your brand.

Make sure to include your employees in the videos and give them an opportunity to share their daily work lives with your audience.

Trendy B2B Video Ideas To Inspire You:

Need a few ideas to get motivated and encouraged to build a brilliant video marketing campaign? Here are a few ideas to get you on the right track:

Interactive Catalogs

Make a video that lets people see what the products they like would look like when used by real people. This is especially effective for clothing companies.

Instructional Videos

Show your viewers how they should use your products or services and teach them how to make the most of what you’ve got to offer.

Multi-choice Interactive Videos

Let people choose from different products and see how they work, allowing them to compare and find the best options for them.

Educational Videos with Slides

Teach your audience with a lecture that incorporates slides to make things more interesting and easier to understand.


Create videos that share information about your brand and how it’s become the business it’s today. 

Customer Stories

Show your audience how awesome your products are without saying a word — let your satisfied customers share their experiences.


Webinars can be quite effective if you’re looking to generate new leads. They’re also great for helping to establish your brand as a leader in your industry.

Virtual Events

With virtual reality becoming ever more popular in marketing, you can’t really afford to miss out on virtual videos. Virtual events allow you to connect with your audience no matter where in the world you and they are.

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