In the last few years, the use of video in marketing strategies has grown tremendously. Social media marketing has become largely video-based. Your company needs to have a video marketing strategy that drives traffic to your social media accounts and website.

Video marketing pushes your company into the limelight by amplifying your message, selling your products, putting your services out there, and evoking an emotional connection with your clients and potential customers. GoingClear has video marketing strategies for all kinds of businesses, and this includes B2B (Business to Business) companies. 

Video marketing is important for B2B companies too. When your company needs to resell an item or use an item for your own business, you will likely check the internet for another business that has what you need.

Business-to-business sales can be complicated and hard to secure, especially with big box stores like Amazon is on the rise. However, having your goods and services marketed well can increase your visibility with other companies. Having a digital marketing strategy, and even more specifically, a video marketing strategy for business, will help with search engine optimization (SEO) and push your company to the top of the list in search results.

GoingClear specializes in helping you create a digital marketing strategy for your business, and this includes a video marketing strategy. Not only will GoingClear help you develop a strategy, but we will also help you develop your video content and implement it onto your website.

Types of Video Marketing for Business

Audiences are ten times more likely to engage with video marketing than any other kind of static social media post or print marketing. There are a few types of video marketing that businesses can use to further their audience and reach.

GoingClear offers many different types of video marketing for businesses. These include corporate videos, product videos, executive interviews, and docu-style videos. We can develop these videos and help you implement them.

Product Videos for Marketing

When making a product video to market the goods you sell, visuality is the most important element. Your product or service must look appealing to sell to other companies. 

A product video you make should be visually appealing with audio that catches your attention. The video should describe the product or service you are selling in detail, but not so much detail that it becomes overwhelming. The business that you are marketing should know what you are selling by the end of the video but be intrigued enough to reach out to you for more details after watching it.

GoingClear develops product videos that showcase your services and goods in a visually appealing way so your clients and potential clients will know exactly what your company has to offer.

Types of B2B Video Marketing

A digital marketing strategy is an important part of putting your company out there. Video marketing strategies help you measure the engagement of your audience. It also helps identify your target customers and their demographic.

B2B companies, or business to business companies, typically use one of two strategies when it comes to video marketing for business. Video marketing can be implemented into both digital marketing strategies.

Lead Generation Strategy

The lead generation strategy focuses on the content that is on your website. The goal is to create content that captures your client’s attention. You want your clients to be interested enough to click through your website. 

Your content needs to be not only educational but also compelling and relevant. GoingClear can help you make a strategy that includes content that will grab your audience’s attention, lead capture, lead magnets, lead nurturing and scoring, and landing page conversion optimization. These offerings will help you gain new leads and maximize them. 

User Growth Strategy

As your audience grows larger and larger, you will be more likely to convert your video viewers into your customers. GoingClear uses a user growth strategy and builds your viewership by using strategies to increase your audience.  

These strategies include a custom-tailored campaign to help you get new customers and maintain them, and GoingClear can help you determine which digital marketing strategy is best for you.

B2B Marketing Videos

Simply having marketing videos on your website will boost your engagement and views on your content. But a video marketing strategy will take your website and your social media accounts to the next level. This strategy for the business will significantly increase your engagement. 

B2B companies should use multiple types of videos. Product videos will help other businesses know what you are selling, and they should describe why the customer may need it. Corporate videos will show them who you are as a company and what your vision for your product or services is. These are the most used types of videos for B2B companies. 

Other marketing videos can be helpful for B2B marketing. Executive interviews can be helpful for B2B companies because it enables the owners and CEOs, as well as other executives in your company, to share their mission and vision with potential clients and customers.

Docu-style videos can show the true personality and vision of your company. In today’s age of social media and rapid video consumption, showing your company’s personality can develop a unique rapport with your potential clients. This use of personality and company culture can encourage other companies to reach out to you for collaboration because they want to work with you and your company. 

GoingClear can help you not only develop videos for your business or brand but can also help you develop a video marketing strategy and implement these videos into your website. 

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