If you’re looking for new ways to grow your business, don’t neglect your website. In a digital world, a more robust website could very well be your best possible tool for attracting more customers and scaling your tech business.

At GoingClear, we offer effective tools that set us apart from other Boston web design companies. Some of these features may be just what you need to take your website to the next level, so contact us today and see if any of the following tools are right for you.

Blog Development

We can help you design an eye-catching blog that makes it easier to reach out to customers directly. You can write on evergreen topics or on industry topics that are in the news, boosting engagement. A well-designed blog helps show that you’re a thought leader in your industry. It can also drive traffic to your website, attracting new customers who have something specific in mind.

Advanced Search and Filters

If you’re a Boston-based tech company, you probably have a lot to offer and plenty of data to show off on your website. However, an overabundance of information can quickly put off customers if it makes it more difficult for them to find what they need.

An advanced search and filters can help your customers narrow things down and get the information they’re looking for. We work directly with our UX team to figure out which kind of setup works best for your website. Before you know it, you’ll have an easy-to-use site that displays the data that your visitors need.

Dynamic Content

We can also help your website display different types of content as you scale. We can help you use third-party data and display content in different ways, like through product databases and catalog systems. We could even set up a news feed that keeps your customers updated on industry news or your latest product releases.

Portfolio and Projects System

One of the best ways for your tech company to grow is to attract new customers, and one of the best ways to attract new customers is to show what kind of great work you have completed for previous customers. A portfolio and project system is a great way to enhance your website.

Potential customers can visit your website to see past projects you’ve completed. They can also browse through your current projects and see what your company has to offer. These people know what kinds of projects they need help with, and if they can visit your website and see similar work you have done for other companies they are more likely to want to work with you.

Our Advanced Search and Filter tool also comes into play here. We can make it easy for website users to look for specific types of projects or you can let them look for work that you have done by location. A website that makes it easier to see what your company has accomplished makes it easier to attract new customers.

Product Catalog

If you offer a variety of products and services, your website can begin to get cluttered quickly. Fortunately, GoingClear can also help you add a Product Catalog to your website. This can display everything that you have to offer in one easy-to-navigate space.

We can also show you how to use that product catalog so that you can add more products and service offerings in the future. If your product data is coming from an external API, we can use that data and integrate it too. So let’s get ready to show your potential customers what you can do and what you have to offer.

Video Integration

Having a lot of stuff to read on your website can be good, but there’s no harm in varying things up with different types of content. That’s why Video Integration can also be an important tool for growing tech companies and their websites.

A great video strategy can help you engage with more customers and engage better with those customers. You can opt for short videos about your company and your brand. You can make longer videos, perhaps ones focused on specific projects, goals, or accomplishments. You can also easily embed videos from third-party websites, like YouTube or Vimeo.

And if you’re worried that no one at your firm is a regular Scorsese, then you can talk to our video production experts. We can help you create engaging video content that can help your website and company grow.

Client Portals

If you’re offering tech services, transparency and ease of access to new information is something that customers have come to expect. So one great addition to your website could be client portals. These would allow your customers to log in and track the progress of whatever you’re doing for them.

A portal can make it easy for your customers to track progress, get in touch with you, and let you know about any concerns. Instead of constantly having to call and check-in, someone can check in on their project just by logging into your website. It’s convenient for you and it’s convenient for your customers, especially as you begin to grow and take on more work.

When a potential customer sees this kind of system on your website, they know that working with you will be simpler and that you’re doing your best to efficiently juggle projects for all sorts of clients. If they are looking for a less stressful way to work with technology companies, a website equipped with extra features like this could help you stand out and stand above the competition in some key ways.

Take Your Website to the Next Level with GoingClear Features

So if you’re looking for a way to make a bigger impression online, we can help. Visit our website and learn more about the kinds of upgrades we could provide for your digital presence. If you have questions about features that can boost your business, the staff here at GoingClear will answer them for you.