Google Partner BadgeWhen you work with GoingClear, a certified Google Partner, we’ll offer you different types of reporting as your Boston PPC company. Depending on your monthly spend, you can take advantage of our reporting schedule included in our package. In our reports, we pay particular attention to several different focus areas. These include budget, landing pages, targeting, campaign efficiency, extensions, match types, and negative keywords.

1. Budget

Your budget is the most important aspect. This is how we determine how to set up your account for maximum performance. We can show you what it is spending daily versus what it is spending month over month. This can help us typically establish trends with your costs and make recommendations from it. 

2. Landing Page

Landing pages are what drive a person to click on your ad. If your landing page matches the content on your ad, then a user is likely to stay on your page for longer. We will consider bounce rate when determining if you landing page is sufficient or not.  As your Boston PPC company, we are also able to make a landing page from scratch. If you have any ideas, pictures, or content you want to see on your site, let us know and we can take it from there. You can read up on our web design services through our Website Services page to learn more.

3. Targeting

There are a few factors when it comes to targeting settings. We report on physical locations and demographics.  If we notice a location doing extremely well or unusually poor, we’ll bring it to your attention. We also like to focus a section of our report on demographics. This may not be a major concern within your company, but it’s interesting to see what types of audiences you are attracting and converting through your site.  It’s our goal to make sure your targeting settings are immaculate as this sets the basis for your PPC ads. 

4. Campaign Efficiency

There are a few aspects when it comes to campaign efficiency. The structure of the campaign is the main focus. GoingClear will make sure your account has a nice design that’s easy to navigate through as well as being productive. Within each campaign, we will focus on your ad groups and keyword performance. These will all be noted in your monthly report. 

Take advantage of your Boston PPC company. We also want to know what you as our client wants to see in your account. If you have campaigns, ad groups, or keyword lists structured a certain way for internal reasons, let us know. Your company may also want us to take control – bring it on.  Anytime we make a change to your account, including any campaign or ad group restructuring, we will also notify you. This can include adding items that increase performance or pausing items that could lead to future performance issues. 

5. Extensions

Whether you come to us with an existing account or a brand new account we created for you, we always recommend having extensions running. These will be monitored weekly to ensure performance is at its peak. At the end of the month, you’ll get a full download of your extensions and any adjustments we made to them. 

It’s not uncommon that we see extensions running with little to no performance. This is where we’ll jump in to pause them or optimize them in a way to increase effectiveness. Once again, any and all changes will be written down in your monthly report.

6. Match Types

Although you may think this isn’t a big area of Google Ads, we like to report on it anyway. We see a lot of issues within the keyword section of PPC accounts. There are a few different ways to set up keyword match types in your account – broad match, phrase match and exact match are the top three types of match types. Depending on your budget, different match types can be more expensive or cheaper. 

We will recommend match type settings when we audit your account and once we see historical data surrounding certain match types. GoingClear wants to see your success and match types is one easy way to assure we are spending efficiently and bidding on effective keywords.

7. Negative Keywords

Our specialized Boston PPC company are experts when it comes to negative keywords. We want to show you that your campaigns are showing in front of a relevant audience. To do so, we implement negative keywords on a weekly basis. Negative keywords are words or phrases that we find in your search queries that are not relevant to your products or services. For example, you own and promote a flower shop. Somebody on Google searches for “flower wallpaper.” In this case, we would negate the whole phrase and also negate “wallpaper” separately so you are guaranteed not to show up in the future for any similar searches revolving around those words. After all, you aren’t trying to spend money on clicks where we know a searcher’s intent was to download a wallpaper with flowers and not purchase flowers. Negative keywords are a great way to stay focused on your type of audience, which is why we implement them so often for you! We want to make the most out of your dollars.

Negative keywords will be highlighted in your monthly report. For smaller accounts, you may only see a few negative keywords a month but for more complex accounts we can negate up to 50 in one month. If you notice a term that you may not want negated, let us know so we can remove it. 


Your monthly report will be about 3-5 pages total in PDF form. Every section mentioned above will include a chart or graph. A brief analysis for each will be included as well. For more important areas that we made changes to or saw a drastic effect to, we will make sure to highlight those in further detail.  If your company requests a different format, please let us know so we can plan in accordance with your requirements. You can expect to see your custom report during the first week of a new month.