You can’t think about B2B agile marketing without considering your social media strategy. But as we all know, social platforms aren’t equal in terms of their weight and importance – LinkedIn is the place for business-to-business lead generation.

That’s easy to understand, but it doesn’t necessarily lead you to the right strategy or playbook for success. So, as the director of a LinkedIn ads agency, I want to use today’s post to share a few insights that can help you get started. Below, you’ll find six pro tips for using LinkedIn as part of your B2B agile marketing campaign.

Let’s start with a piece of advice that’s the least technical, and yet the easiest to overlook…

Pro Tip #1: Understand the Value of LinkedIn Connections
You could say that all social media connections have value, and that all exposure is important for your company. I wouldn’t disagree with any of that. However, only LinkedIn can help you target your exact marketing audience.

Suppose I wanted to reach out to 500 marketing VPs of technology companies, narrowing them by business size and time in their current role. I could do that in just a few minutes for less than I would spend on coffee for my team. Even better, I won’t have to wait for them to search for my company or product.

No other search or social platform can offer that same kind of outreach power.

Pro Tip #2: Identify Your Marketing Targets Carefully
Because you can target so many potential customers with these, it’s important to narrow in on the very specific audience you’re looking for. Otherwise you could waste your time and money being too broad with your approach.

You can always expand your campaigns after they’ve grown and become profitable. When you’re just starting out, though, it’s much better to stay narrow. That way you can be sure your offer and style are a good match for the people you’re trying to reach.

To put this another way, you can think about who your very best customers are and find others just like them through LinkedIn.

Pro Tip #3: Maintain a Balance Between Paid and Organic Posts
As with any online platform, it’s best to generate views and connections through organic (i.e., unpaid) content that you’re posting to your profile. That takes a lot of time, however, and isn’t necessarily as efficient as using paid ads.

We have become a leading LinkedIn ads agency by helping our clients find the right mix of organic posts and paid advertising. That way they can get the long-term benefits that come with adding content regularly while also seeing their campaigns pay off quickly.

For the highest ROI we recommend you do the same. Use LinkedIn organically, but start out with sponsored ads for the greatest impact.

Pro Tip #4: Test Everything and Follow the Results
If you work with a professional LinkedIn ad design team you’ll probably come up with something that generates a positive ROI quite quickly. No matter how well your ads perform, you shouldn’t rest on that early success. Keep testing different styles, messages, and offers to see if you can get better.

One thing you shouldn’t do, however, is rely on LinkedIn’s auto deliver service. That will prioritize “winning” ads over the others. This service sounds great in theory, but it isn’t a great way to write an objective comparison.

Pro Tip #5: Use Different Formats to Your Advantage
It is well-known that certain post formats (particularly images, videos, and infographics) work best on social media sites. Why not use that to your advantage and emphasize them in your LinkedIn campaigns? That will help you grow your reach quickly.

Also, it’s important to be consistent with your tone and style as you expand your reach. Use the same fonts and colors so your brand becomes recognizable to your target audience. Even if they ignore you at first, your messaging will become recognizable over time. That makes it more likely they’ll respond to your offers at some point in the future.

Pro Tip #6: Get Help From a Proven LinkedIn Ads Agency
Yes, I am the founder of a digital B2B lead generation business that also works as a LinkedIn ads agency. But I’m not necessarily telling you that you have to work with my company. I’m simply suggesting if you aren’t an expert in these topics that you get guidance from someone who is.

I’ve seen a lot of bright people waste a lot of time and money trying to profit from LinkedIn and other social media sites without the right knowledge and perspective. While the principles of LinkedIn ad design are simple, the execution isn’t always straightforward.

Get help from someone who knows what they’re doing and you’ll achieve a positive return on your investment much more quickly.

Bonus Tip: Make Sure Leads Feed Directly Into Your CRM
Ultimately, the leads you get from LinkedIn will need to be nurtured by your sales and marketing teams. To ensure that happens, you should be sure they move directly into Salesforce or whatever other CRM platform you might be using.

If there’s anything as frustrating as running LinkedIn ads and not getting leads, it’s seeing those leads come through but slip through the cracks. Obviously, that isn’t what we want for your business, so establish a workflow for dealing with inquiries and then make it as automatic as possible.

There is plenty of business out there on the world’s leading B2B social network, but you’ll have to stay organized if you want to have it come your way.

Need Help With LinkedIn Ad Design?
Of course, the fastest and most efficient way to get started with LinkedIn marketing is to place a handful of targeted ads. My team and I can help. Not only do we create messages that convert, but we can help you ensure they fit your overall B2B lead generation strategy.

For more information on LinkedIn sponsored content design and our other agile marketing services, view our agile marketing services page.