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January 15, 2019 in Inbound Marketing

You might not think that inbound marketing is the best type of marketing to use for your company, but it can actually be one of the best strategies to use. Within inbound marketing, there are many different ways you can benefit.

1.) Make Money Off Of Content

Of course you want to have as many sales as you can. But did you know you can get even more sales just by having quality content? Content created through inbound marketing can actually generate revenue for your company or business. At our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency, we make sure to have the right content pieces scattered throughout your website. This can be blog posts, white papers, search engine optimized content, videos, or organic social media campaigns.

Through all these different types of content, GoingClear Interactive is able to bring you a highly qualified audience, as well as bringing in sales. 

2.) Brand Awareness

Not only are we just able to boost sales through inbound marketing techniques, but we also can increase your visibility on the web as well as brand awareness. Organic content written in the correct tone tailored to your audience can really make a difference. Our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency can align with your prospects’ or customers’ intent and make sure that the content matches exactly.

Size of the company doesn’t matter either. Even some of the smallest companies out there can succeed with inbound marketing. By gaining recognition in the digital world, you can grow a small company to a large company very quickly. That’s the power of inbound marketing. If you own or work for a larger corporation, you are also able to capture a very broad audience that matches your services or products offered. You can dramatically increase brand awareness, as well.

3.) Increase Your Credibility

Sometimes other forms of marketing can be too invasive or “in your face.” With the power of inbound marketing, you can allow your prospects or customers to consume your company’s information at their own pace. This allows them to browse you on their own watch all while gaining the trust you want them to form with you. With inbound marketing, your strategy is more laid back, but very tailored to your target audience. This increases your company’s credibility more than other styles of marketing.

4.) Easier Than Other Marketing Strategies

Sometimes it’s great to just sit back and capture sales without even trying. Inbound marketing allows you to capture some of that. Unlike other marketing styles, inbound marketing allows you to dial back to some degree and target your audience in a less direct way. Calls and emails on a daily basis can be a little too much to handle. Ask yourself this: do you like being haggled by a company with annoying phone calls or spam-like emails? We don’t think anybody does. Inbound marketing is a more laid back, yet more successful, approach.  This in turn is more effective than showing off your company’s pride and ego while being up in their face. 

Our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency knows how to gain your target audience’s trust and appear into their brains when they are ready to make a final decision and purchase.

5.) Cost Effective

Different styles of marketing can cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, with inbound marketing, it’s more of an ongoing process that can require little maintenance once everything is in place. A lot of research goes into creating an inbound marketing strategy, but the results are unbelievable. Depending on which platforms you want to have content or campaigns on, and how detailed or low-key you want your website or blog, price can vary. But, at the end of the day, inbound marketing can give you an unbeatable ROI. 

6.) You’re in Control

Another great benefit of inbound marketing is the fact that you get to create just about everything that goes into the strategy. Whether you hire a Boston Inbound Marketing Agency or not, your strategy can be tailored to exactly everything you want in your plan. What do you want your blog to talk about? Is your website up to date or does it need a revamp? What will your SEO content revolve around? Are your campaigns tailored enough to your audience?

By making sure everything aligns with your customer base, you are already setting yourself up for success! In-depth, long term planning can definitely help you on the road to success, as well. That’s why being in control of your strategy really gives you the upper hand.

7.) Wide Range of Platforms

Our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency really hones in on which platforms will be best for you and your business. Through the power of inbound marketing, you are able to show your company or business on just about any digital site, network, or platform. For example, LinkedIn might be a better platform to post content on compared to Instagram because of your product or your clientele. 

One site that you want to make sure is always up to date and refreshed with new information is your own website. This can include blogging, writing SEO content, having up to date white papers, and having the perfect CTAs (call to actions) in place.  Our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency, GoingClear Interactive, also offers website designs and redesigns. To learn more about our website services, follow us to our Website Services page.

8.) Get in Your Consumer’s Head

With inbound marketing, you can really put a spotlight on your prospects and customers. Other forms of marketing don’t really get as nitty gritty as inbound can. With inbound marketing efforts in place, you can focus more on the passion your company brings to a certain service or product. You can also make sure your average customer becomes knowledgeable about your brand.

With inbound marketing, you are able to share more details that your buyers will find useful and engaging. Of course you’re an expert when it comes to your brand, so show it off. Let your consumers know exactly what you have to offer them and make them want to buy it. This isn’t like TV advertisements or radio ads where you aren’t engaged with a brand. Inbound marketing actually allows you to hone in on a specific consumer data base you want to focus on. It’s more efficient and more beneficial for your consumers and your business.

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