Social Media & Its Graphic Design – Everything You Need To Know About Your Brand’s Image

January 06, 2020 in Social Media Marketing

When you think of social media, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Maybe it’s the fact that you can connect with your friends, family, loved ones, or colleagues. Or maybe it’s the fact you can watch videos and see pictures of what’s going on in the world today. Believe it or not, social media is mostly made up of pictures, videos, and so many other types of graphics to keep you engaged and entertained.

The Graphic Design Relationship To Social Media

Whenever you’re scrolling through Instagram, think about the videos and images you are liking. Usually, they’re engaging, funny, stunning, scenic, or anything that makes you awe. At GoingClear Interactive, we love to take all those adjectives and turn them in one of the most amazing graphic designs you’ve ever seen.  

Social media really does depend on graphic design. At our Boston social media marketing agency, our lead graphic designer can create stunning graphics, which will boost your engagement, improve your followers’ experiences, and also make your social media marketing strategy that much more effective. 

When you partner with GoingClear Interactive, our social media marketing packages offer custom graphics for your marketing efforts. In order to stand out in the crowd, you should have a modern and up-to-date logo on your social media business profile, as well as other images and videos that our Boston social media marketing agency can create. 

Overall, social media and graphic design go hand and hand. It’s what you’re always going to notice first when scrolling through your feed, and what’s going to stay in your memory last once you exit your social media channels. 

First Impression

Like we mentioned above, stunning graphics are always going to be the ones that leave a lasting impression. It’s exactly what you need for your brand to stand out from the crowd. A lot of social media marketing uses very simple graphics that anyone could create, stock photos, and even real photos that even an ammateur could tell wasn’t taken by a professional. 

At GoingClear Interactive, our graphic design is nothing less of perfection. Our Boston social media marketing agency will set you apart in the sea of competition there is out there. And marketing on social media isn’t easy when you are dealing with gigantic platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that have billions of daily active users combined. 

Boost Your Engagement

Social media is all about engagements. When you post a new profile picture on Facebook or post a new photo to your feed on Instagram, of course you want the most likes and comments. Take that same idea and put it towards social media marketing.  

When you create a graphic design you want to show off on your business profile on social media, your top priority is always getting the most engagement out of it. This makes people more likely to stay a customer if they already are one, or turn your fans or prospects into a lead in the near future. 

Graphics over Text

At the end of the day, graphics is always going to win over the actual content in your social media marketing efforts. No matter the length, detail, or how great you might think your text or ad copy is, a video or image is always going to be looked at first. That’s why it’s important that your graphic design is the one thing you spend the most attention to detail on. This can mean focusing on certain colors, how small or large certain objects are within the design, and even the font you choose. 


Half of a social media marketing strategy is graphic design. If you decide to create a post without any images or videos, the chances are pretty low of any type of engagement, interaction, or leads coming your way. 

When GoingClear Interactive takes the lead on your graphic design, we can create almost any type of graphic you want – pictures, videos, illustrations, GIFs, and many more. Our lead graphic designer will connect with you on a personal and business level to gauge how to connect with your target audience through the power of a graphic.

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