GoingClear is co-hosting a Lunch & Learn session with OffCampus Media titled – “Emerging Marketing Strategies for the New Consumer”

January 09, 2010 in Company News & Events

Emerging Marketing Strategies for the New Consumer

New media means new consumers. And new consumers mean new marketing strategies. Join GoingClear and Off Campus Media for lunch at Red Sky Lounge on January 25, 2010 to meet the “new consumer” (Hint: college students) and learn which marketing strategies resonate. Mark Sawyier, President of Off Campus Media, will draw from actual student behavior to strategically profile the “new consumer”. Building on Mark’s learnings, GoingClear’s Paul Scott and Jayna Dismore will discuss the most effective digital marketing tactics including social media, seo, and mobile. Sign up today to discover the new consumer and how they can transform your business.

Meet & Greet
“The New Consumer” – Mark Sawyier
“Digital Media for the Small Business” – Paul Scott & Jayna Dismore
Open Q & A Session
Ticket price includes meal, non-alcoholic beverages and gratuity.

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