Infographic: 4 Common Ways to Get Web Design

July 24, 2017 in Digital Marketing


4 Common Ways to Get Web Design


Let’s assume for a moment that you’re thinking about getting a website for your new business or improving the one you already have. That seems like a fair guess to make if you’ve found your way to our blog. Now that you know what you need, how can you find someone to help you create it?


Here are the four most common ways to get a website, along with a few quick pros and cons of each:


#1 Use a DIY Web Design Template


There are literally dozens of services you can use to build a website on your own. The upside associated with these companies is that they offer web layouts for free, or at very low costs, and can be configured within a few hours.


The drawbacks of this approach have to do with customization and functionality. You’re guaranteed to end up with a website that looks like many, many others, and will have limited choices for adding new tools or features. That might be okay for someone with no budget, but it’s not going to do a lot to help you grow your business.


#2 Go with a Bargain-Basement Designer


Climbing up the ladder here, many clients try to save money by working with low-cost web designers – usually a solo artist with little experience or an overseas provider.


Depending on their skill set, a bargain-basement web designer might do a good job for you at a low rate. What’s more likely, though, is that they’ll simply adapt an existing template for your use and essentially give you what you could have bought on your own. Even worse, you won’t have the support you need later on when it’s time to grow your website or fix the inevitable bug.


#3 Choose a Creative Team and Let Them Go Wild


It’s surprisingly common for business owners and executives to hire a quality web design team and then ask them to “just do their thing.” What the client is really saying in the situation is that they aren’t experts in web design, so they just want to get out of the way and allow the work to be finished.


That makes sense, until you realize that a web design team might have expertise in layouts and coding, but doesn’t know a ton about your business. So, you’re likely to get a great website, but one that feels a little bit generic and lacks customization.


#4 Pick a Trusted Partner and Work Together


Finally, you could hire a quality web design team and work with them on a collaborative basis to get the web presence you need. The downsides here, of course, are the potential costs and time involved.


Looking at things in another way, though, this approach gives you the absolute best chance at getting a professional, custom, and expandable website that perfectly fits your business. Some web design companies work across multiple industries and can leverage this industry know-how to create the best possible website for you. Their employees are most likely more skilled and carry a depth of knowledge that can guide you down the right path. Because of this, it might not take as much time as you’d think.  Plus, even though the up-front costs might be higher, you’re much more likely to earn a positive ROI over time from future leads and sales. In our mind, that makes this the best bargain, but only if you’re willing to invest the resources needed to get the job done correctly.


If you’re looking for top-tier web design and development at an affordable rate, we hope you’ll reach out to the GoingClear Interactive team in Boston for a free consultation today!


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