Inbound Marketing Strategy – A Boston Inbound Marketing Agency Point of View

December 15, 2019 in Inbound Marketing

In order to start implementing inbound marketing, you need a game plan. Our marketing specialists at our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency strive to make the best business strategy for your company.

Identify Your Buyers

Defining your buyers can be done a few different ways. At GoingClear Interactive, we specialize in creating buyer personas. These are basically what your average buyer looks like. By diving deeper into your company and its goals, we can determine who we need to target, who we need to exclude, and so forth. Once these buyer personas are created (yes, you can have multiple buyer personas!), we can move forward with our inbound marketing strategy.

Keyword Targeting

Since inbound marketing is very different from your normal traditional marketing, it’s important to make sure you target certain keywords or key phrases throughout your content. 

Most, if not all, of your content will be organic, so it’s important to note which words are most valuable to your company. There are some online tools that are very helpful for keyword research, some of which we utilize here at our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency. 

Keywords can also have a lot of search volume or keyword difficulty depending on your industry. Longer-tailed keywords might also be harder to rank for because of the very niche market searching for those specific words. GoingClear Interactive takes pride in its keyword research, which is why this is a huge part when it comes to strategic planning.

Goal Setting

Setting goals helps you (and us) measure success and your return on investment. Depending on your industry or brand, different goals might be implemented. Of course you want to see sales go up with inbound marketing efforts in play, but maybe you have more specific goals. For example, do you want to focus on the sources of traffic and which ones are performing better than others? Do you want to know which campaigns are exceeding expectations and tailor all other content to match that? When goals are set correctly, they can align everyone within your company. 

Some other goals you might want to focus on can be specific KPIs (key performance indicators). These are measured through actual data, such as how many unique visitors you have a week or month, or maybe the number of inbound leads is also important to your company. 

Whatever the goals are, big or small, our local Boston Inbound Marketing Agency can strive towards them. We also realize goals can change – no problem for us! We can always make any adjustments that will be tailored to your requirements for great results.

Content Creation

Once you establish the main sections of your strategy, you can dive into creating content! This is where you can let loose and jot down all the knowledge and information there is to know about your brand, its industry, its goals, and why it does what it does. 

By letting your prospects know you are passionate about your company, it also gives them a sense of security when buying into your brand. Let’s back up for a minute and ask yourself a few questions. When you’re searching online, are you more likely to go with a brand that looks like they just threw together a few bullet points and a quick website to get sales? Or will you go with a company who put in the effort to capture your attention and educate you on their brand? 

If you picked the latter, this is a big part of the inbound marketing strategy. By having everything flow together with just the right amount of trustworthy information and passion, you can create a strategy that will bring you success in the long run. Short term solutions aren’t as beneficial and you can always change or tweak your one, three, or five year plan going forward. 

Lead Nurturing

This is a big part of your strategy. Through lead nurturing, you will be able to basically “nurture” your customer base and make sure they are happy and satisfied all the time. This may seem a little like outbound marketing, but it’s more unique information and makes your customers feel valued. 

The best way to reach out to clients or customers is through automated emails.  This can give them that little nudge they need to take a desired action. It can also remind them that you have valuable information and content that is available to them at their disposal.

It’s also important to make sure the content in the emails sent out are based on their buyer’s journey position or funnel position. If they are just getting started with your business or are at the top of the funnel, make sure the email isn’t that pushy. If you have a client list that is more middle funnel to bottom funnel, or ready to make a purchase but still has some doubt, reassure them through this email that your company is the right choice. This is where you can make a prospect or an early stage customer a customer for life. 


Lastly, it’s vital that you check on your strategy frequently to make sure you are staying aligned with your goals or company requirements. Sometimes small changes (or big changes) can occur in your business plan, which is why optimizing your inbound marketing strategy on a regular basis is necessary.

GoingClear Interactive, a Boston Inbound Marketing Agency, specialized in all types of optimizations. This can include updating your daily blog, checking on the settings and data of your social media campaigns, and keeping your website up to date with the latest knowledge you want your customer base to know. We also like to optimize your content with clarity. When content is clear and concise, it helps guide your customers and prospects along faster on their buying journey. 


When you are consistent within your campaigns, SEO content, blogs, and campaigns, you can start to see trust and confidence build within your prospects and customers.  At our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency, we strive to align all your content with consistent matter. 

It’s also important your internal departments align with consistency, as well. For example, all your team members should be able to answer the same question the same way if prospect or client asks. This helps build confidence and trust both for your customers and your internal teams.


It’s also important to pick the right platforms to display your content. Of course, your website is the most important. This is where users will find all their information compared to a campaign or a blog post. At our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency, we make sure to pick the right places that align with your business model and goals.

Sometimes certain social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter, might be a better fit for your industry compared to LinkedIn. Sometimes your SEO content on your web pages might be more important than your blog posts. This is where GoingClear Interactive will gladly jump in to let you know what channels are the best inbound approach.

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