Inbound Marketing Statistics – 4 Facts You Need To Know

December 01, 2019 in Inbound Marketing

Numbers can be telling. When comparing inbound marketing statistics to other forms of marketing, it’s mind blowing. Other marketing strategies, like outbound marketing, have seen a drastic decrease in their performance over the recent years.

1.) Drastic Decreases

94% of people have stopped communicating with a company or business because of irrelevant promotions and messages. 74% of people are more likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process more difficult than other brands. About 51% of people won’t do business again with the same company again after only one negative experience. These percentages are so drastic because of the lack of content, knowledge, and trustworthiness that goes into these marketing efforts. 

2.) The Brighter Side of Things

On a higher note, 93% of consumers are more likely to be a repeat customer at companies with outstanding service and products. 77% of people shared a positive experience with their friends on social media and review sites in the last year. With inbound marketing, there is a better way to do business. These statistics just show the impact of inbound marketing.

At our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency, we make sure you and your company aren’t just another bad statistic. GoingClear Interactive knows how bring in positive results and we have the data to back it up.

We satisfy our clients, new and existing, on a regular basis. Overall, we have proudly generated a 67% average increase in web lead conversions, 32% average increase with site traffic, and 53% average increase through organic search traffic.  We have also produced an average 44% increase of MQL to SQL conversions.

3.) Client Solutions

Our long list of clients and their challenges also give us a reason to get up in the morning. We always want to find the best solution for any client. 

Boxing for Fitness came to us in their time of need when they needed to grow their online presence. Due to high demand for their boxing and fitness services and products, we were able to build a high performance website. In addition to the looks and visual design of their website, Boxing for Fitness also needed a stable and scalable back-end and CMS (Content Management System) to support the build. The end result was a mobile/tablet/desktop bootstrap responsive friendly approach through a Progressive Web App development framework with browser push notifications, geo-location, registration, eCommerce, sign in, discounts for certain member types and more. In addition, as we helped them launch their new progressive web app, we also provided our video production services to create a docu-style brand video to help brand their story and connect with their audience as there are so many web apps out there nowadays with little or no branding, so we wanted to help set Boxing For Fitness apart from the pack and maximize their digital presence.

We also helped a client achieve success and continuously bring in clients through our performance website update and mobile friendly layout. 98.5 The Sports Hub of Boston contacted us when they needed not just a pretty looking site, but one that converted, as well. Our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency was able to work through a property discovery and planning phase, then move into the design and interface phase to come up with a clean and mobile first friendly layout. We also created packages for businesses to engage with and simple call to action next steps to get in touch with this incredible brand. The website is built in a fully bootstrap friendly grid for optimal mobile performance along with a WordPress back-end CMS system for easy administration and updating.

To learn about GoingClear Interactive’s clients, their pain points, and our solutions, you can visit our Results page.

Overall, there are so many things that go into a strategy, including web design and relationship-building content. Sometimes it might be easier to skimp out on having a mobile friendly site, but nowadays, more than 60% of internet users browse using their mobile device compared to a desktop. We could lower your bounce rate by creating a mobile-friendly website quicker than ever. This will help improve your inbound marketing efforts. 

4.) How to Increase Your Statistics

Overall, there are a few items you need to pay attention to: 

  • Keeping an up to date performance website (desktop and mobile friendly)
  • Maintaining a blog with plenty of quality content
  • Creating videos or other graphics to keep users engaged
  • Monitoring current campaigns that are user friendly and ready to build trust with prospects/existing customers
  • Writing passionate content to keep your new and existing customers wanting more

Our Boston Inbound Marketing Agency specializes in all of these line items. Not only do we only want to create a better outcome for your business, but we want to bring your prospects and customers the value they deserve, as well.

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