Google May Penalize your Website if it is Not Mobile-Friendly!

June 02, 2015 in Digital Marketing

Take your Existing Website and Convert it to a Mobile-Friendly Website


I’m sure we’ve all heard by now that the number of people viewing websites on their mobile phones is surpassing people viewing websites on traditional desktops.  And from here, it seems like people viewing websites on mobile phones will keep increasing making people viewing websites on desktops less and less.

Google finally, with this information, has decided to reward and boost the Search Engine rankings of mobile-friendly websites and rightfully so as their ultimate goal is to help people searching out there, providing them with clear easy to read results. If they were to recommend a website that might have excellent content, photos and information that was Not mobile-friendly, then it could take away Google’s credibility due to the fact that Google just recommended a website that a user had to squint, stretch, zoom-in or hold at a strangle angle to be able to read the information on that Non-mobile friendly website.

However, if they are recommending websites in Search Results that have mobile-friendly versions of their websites, then Google preserves their credibility by offering quality websites to choose from that are mobile-optimized and user-friendly to the person viewing.

cta-mobile-friendlyThe good news is that just because your website might not be mobile friendly at the moment, it is not that difficult to become mobile-friendly.  And don’t worry as this is not the mobile-approach solution that was taken a few years ago where companies would actually build a complete separate mobile website which required auto-detection scripts and sometimes was hokey not working as well as it could.

The solution now is to simply modify code on your existing website so that it is Responsive.  Having a Responsive website essentially is saying that it will respond to the different screen-sizes of people’s smart phones and or tablets.   This is a flexible approach that as more and more phones sizes and gadgets are created, having a responsive website will respond to whatever size that new tablet, gadget or phone might be.

Want to know if your website is already mobile-friendly or not?   Google provides a simple test on their website where you can paste in your website address to see if it is already Mobile-Friendly or not.

Here is their Mobile-Friendly Test.
google mobile website check

If your website turns out to not be mobile-friendly, then we happen to be specialists in taking websites that are not mobile-friendly and turning them into mobile-friendly websites.  Not a big project and within a couple of days or less, we can turn your website into a Mobile-Friendly version where your current Desktop version will not change at all and the only modifications we would make would be for people viewing your website while they are on their mobile phones.

And if you mention this article, then you will be saving 10% off your Mobile-Friendly website conversion!

Give us a call at (617) 649-7200, Fill out our Request More Info form or email us and we’ll review your potential Mobile-Friendly website conversion right away!

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