GoingClear hosts a Complimentary Lunch and Learn session on Social Media

October 21, 2009 in Company News & Events

Social Marketing is becoming an constantly increasing component of business strategy. GoingClear understands this and developed a complimentary Lunch and Learn session that addressed those issues tackling Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Digg, Delicious, blogs and others to help uncover additional market opportunities. We also discussed the importance of Google Alerts, Collecta and TweetDeck as well.

See Photos from our event below:

Boston Internet Marketing Social Media training


Our Original Announcement:

Are you considering Social Marketing as part of your business strategy? Do you feel like your competition is getting business you are missing because they have stronger client relations and loyalty? Do you want to start using tools like Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Digg, Delicious to help you uncover additional market opportunities? Why are tools like Google Alerts, Collecta and TweetDeck so important?

Do all of the questions above
make your head spin?

Social Media Services Boston web company

Join one of GoingClear’s top Internet Strategist Paul Scott and Social Media Integration Manager, Jayna Dinsmore, for a Lunch & Learn on November 2nd at 1PM. They will give a high-level explanation of each of the tools and will help you understand why aligning use of these tools with your existing marketing strategy is so important.

Bring your notebook and your questions. Lunch includes a buffet meal & beverage.


The GoingClear Internet Strategy Team

PS: If you can’t attend this event and or would like more information on GoingClear Social Media Services, feel free to contact us.

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