Clutch is research firms that ranks IT and marketing companies to help buyers find the partners that best suit their needs. They recently named GoingClear among the top Boston web designers in Boston!

Clutch then interviewed our Founder, Paul J. Scott on WordPress, web design best practices and how to choose a good web design company.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS, powering over 25% of websites, because it is an easy to use and budget-friendly option. Paul argues:

“The ideal person would be a small-to-medium business. WordPress is budget-friendly, as opposed to a larger enterprise CMS platform. Startup businesses or startup web apps which have to save a little on cost can also leverage the platform, instead of going fully-custom. They can have an initial proof-of-concept, and then build something custom.”

By virtue of being so widely-used, it has a huge community of designers and developers ensuring its success:

There’s a large community for it, which is always improving and getting upgrades. It’s here to stay, and it will only get better, as opposed to choosing a random CMS which won’t have many people behind it. The innovation will die quicker in that case. WordPress is future-friendly, and it’s highly customizable. Years ago, we wouldn’t even consider using the platform as the framework for a custom web app, but now we can, using the right developers and approach.”

Paul also offered advice on how to choose a good web design company. Looking into a company’s previous work is crucial, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also back-end design and setup:

“Overall, it comes down to the basics of checking prior work and making sure you like the style of a firm’s design, assuming the budget is okay. It’s helpful to have in-house teams, so that you can move quickly and work with no project delays… I would ask to see a few back-end administrative dashboard samples, in order to have an idea of how the development team customized the admin for past clients, and make sure that I’m not just getting a WYSIWYG box for the About page, and good luck to me if I mess something up.”