Web development is like anything else in the world: you generally get what you pay for.


Lots of business people ignore this bit of common sense when searching for custom web programming and will gladly hire the cheapest development partner they can find. This is a bad idea on many levels. Today, however, we’re going to focus on one of the most obvious: a cheap and untested piece of code could add security vulnerabilities to your website.


Any time you inject something new into your website that hasn’t been proven and tested in the past, there is the possibility that you’re leaving an open invitation to hackers who want to steal things like financial data and credit card numbers.


A reputable web development company is going to test for these kinds of vulnerabilities, several times in several ways, before delivering the finished product to you. Of course, that kind of service is going to be factored into their pricing as well.


Saving money on anything is fun, but finding out that your custom web programming carries security risks isn’t an enjoyable experience. Do the smart thing, and avoid bargain-basement web developers and opt for quality work instead.


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